Kenny Kangaroo vs the Pirate Parrot 8-3/4

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Arrived in Pittsburgh, headed to Kennywood about 2pm. It was very hot. (see Alfundo). Hit Garfields Nightmare right away. I miss the Haunted Hideaway. But, for the first time, I actually paid attention, no cell phone or video camera. Its not bad for kids. 7/10.

Then to Jack Rabbit. Great. 8/10. Across park to Exterminator. They need to load 4 at a time, not 2. 7/10. I rode Raging Rapids while the rest of my party did the Train. 8/10. I really appreciate how the trees have grown up around the ride in the past 22 years. Its all character now. Its family.

Then hit the Paratrooper. Did this since the one at Conneaut Lake is closed for now. That was one of my grandmothers favorite rides. Actually, its all thats left, since she also loved the Rocket Ships, Rolo Planes, and the Swing Around.

Then to Log Jammer. 8/10. Met more of my party, and headed to Thunderbolt. 10/10. Very smooth this year. And lines were flowing.

Then to Phantom's Revenge. Very last seat. No hands. 10/10. Probably the best terrain coaster out there. Very hot. Very fast. Stopped for Potato Patch fries. Again, top crew. 9/10.

Then to Gold Rusher, and now finding out it was my last ride. 8/10. I gave a nice rememberence in the News section. Back on Raging Rapids. 8/10. I love the coyotes. Someone give me one.

Went to ride my favorite, the Racer, but it was closed for the Shriners Fireworks. That was the only disappointment. Then off to the Mega Disk-O. Nice theming, and I love the gift shop. Another winner. 7/10.

Backround music was really in abundance here. They play the Stones, Cold Play, Bangals, Maroon %, Genesis, and the point I am making is that all the tunes are good, and not out of place. Kudos for the selections. Overall 9.5/10.

Next evening, first trip to PNC Park. Section 123. Great seats, but the concourses need to be wider like Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. Couldn't find a Willie Stargel t-shirt. What gives? Had a great cheeseburger. I was let down by the bbq food court. In Philly, they have real bbq action in the outfield. Anyway, good times.

The seventh inning stretch, they showed a clip from Animal House. My kind of humor. The girlfriend couldn't believe they shoot hot dogs into the crowd, and not shirts. Great clips of past stars, including my childhood heros, like Stargell, Parker, and Madlock. Game Day. 8.5/10.

Great Pittsburgh weekend. Fly USAirways so I don't get cranky. Overweekend, 9/10.

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They usually shoot shirts too.

You got BBQ at PNC Park?! Erm, that just doesn't make any shoulda gone for a Primanti Bros. sammich or a nice kielbasy!

Rich G

Well, as a native, I can get Primanti in the winter, when I am back. However, I only thought they were in Heinz Field. The bbq only had fries, burgers, and sausage. I think it was Pop's BBQ.

I would have liked to walk the whole stadium, but I had a large group with me, so I didn't want to just wander off, being an invited guest of the team.

Philly has this outfield area with Chicky and Pete's crab fries, a large BBQ, and several cheesesteak joints, which add to the offerings, and it is roomy to make your purchases.

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There are a few Primanti Brothers in PNC, one or two on the main level, and one on the upper level.

did you go to kennywood yesterday? I was their too.
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You needed to go behind left field for Manny Sanguillen's BBQ Pit. The world-series-winning catcher doesn't just have the place named after him, he works there and will cook you one hell of a sandwich. Ask nice and he'll sign your bobblehead.


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Did anyone else read this thread title as some sort of mascot battle?
I tried to be creative on the title because everyone on this site goes to Kennywood. Since I love this park, it is my right to give my opinion. I call it like I see it.

KPJB, thanks for the bbq heads up. Its good to see Manny working again since Rudy's Car Wash closed on Rt 51. If you would have told me earlier, it would have made up for me catching you sleeping 2 winters ago in one of the mechanic shops in February.

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