Kemah Boardwalk adding sit-down zip line this fall

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Kemah Boardwalk announced Wednesday that the Iron Eagle, a zip line ride totaling more than 400 feet in length and reaching heights of some 10 stories, will open this fall at the entertainment complex.

Read more from The Houston Chronicle.

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Is this pronounced "Kemm-a" or "Keem-a"? I've never known. I'm still not sure how to pronounce Geauga or Conneaut either. I've never been to any of these places.

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Key-Ma is the way I have heard it. Gee-aug-a and Con-E-ot

Before you can be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid.

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It's good to know, but I'll probably still say ghee-uga and conn-oat. lol

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The correct pronunciation of Conneaut is un-suh-stane-uh-bull.

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And you'll often hear Geauga pronounced Wee-bottit-so-wee-cud-CLOS-it. I think it's native American.

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