Kelsey Grammer falls of stage at 50th anniversary celebration of Disneyland

Video of Kelsey Grammer falling off the stage at Disneyland today.

Army Rangers lead the way
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Now that's funny.
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Nothing a little alcohol and pain killers won't cure. Oh, wait...nevermind! ;)
I laughed when I saw that, even though it looked painful, I hope he is ok, even though I laughed my a** off!
Two yars from now we'll hear about the lawsuit...
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Mamoosh said:
Nothing a little alcohol and pain killers won't cure. Oh, wait...nevermind!

Nice. :)

No, moosh, thats what he takes when he wants to wreck a new Dodge Viper on loan to him...Get it right!
Ah man sucks for him, lol.

"the only thing I know is that life is short and the only time you've got left is luck"
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You gotta love the caption on the video...

"Down goes Frasier!" :)

One word,


ShiveringTim said:

"Down goes Frasier!"

First thing I heardin my mind of when I saw that was Howard Cosell...

*smacks head* get out of my head NOW Howard!

Watch the tram car please....
He said a naughty word at Disneyland!

Well, actually DCA, so I guess thats ok. ;)

LOL, it's always fun to laugh at somone else's misfortune... well, not... unless they are a huge egoed celebrity.




I could always imagine Kelsey Grammer playing Issiac Newton, I guess he is little more qualifed for the role now. ^_^ I sure glad he is ok.
Its only funny till someone gets hurt


I think this could qualify for hilarious status

Now if I only would have found his show "Fraiser" that funny in the later seasons I might have watched it.
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The bleeped out his reaction to the fall, "oh ****". Yeah, you could hear it through the PA system at the Hyperion. Oh the irony.
That is freakin' hilarious! Best part is when they do the slow-mo replay of it! Forwarding to everyone I know ...

Brett, Resident Launch Whore Anti-Enthusiast (the undiplomatic one)
I imagine there are only a few of us either old enough or boxing fans who remember that. "Down goes Frasier, Down goes Frasier" Comment and many who don't remember Cosel.

In my mind, It ranks right up with the "Do you believe in miracles, YES!" moments in sports history.

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