Keansburg makes "miracle" comeback after Sandy destruction

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In November, Hank Gehlhaus stood in the midst of destruction, sweeping sand and debris left behind by Hurricane Sandy days earlier, as he and his brother, William, began the arduous process of rebuilding their family business – the Keansburg Amusement Park. Last week, Gehlhaus stood in the same spot. But this time, he was watering plants while the sounds of rides roaring and children laughing filled the Keansburg air once again.

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Sad to say, I've lived in Jersey my whole life and never been to Keansburg. Even though it's actually the closest to me of the water-side parks, I just never made it there. Maybe next summer...

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Even though MOST of the attractions at Keansburg are for the younger set...there is still enough here to have a nice evening or late afternoon.

I've mentioned this before, They have a selection of "smaller" relax and just hang out kind of bars for adults. (Not really dance clubs), a huge fishing pier that is about 1/2 mile long (I've caught snappers and seen schools of medium sized blues move in) and a decent - but not spotless beach.

I hope this place bounces back fully and grows even more.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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Mike Gallagher said:

Sad to say, I've lived in Jersey my whole life

There really doesn't need to be anything said after this. Hang in there, little buckaroo; we're here for ya.

Thanks, man (hug)

I knew SOMEONE was gonna do that! But my money was on Ensign or RCMAC.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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People used to ferry over from Staten Island to ride run-of-the-mill fairground rides in Keansburg? Damn, times have changed....

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My dad's sister lived in Keansburg when I was growing up, but we never made it to the beach/park. First and only trip there was during the ConQuest trip with bassistist and Moosh and Dawnmarie and the gang...Dawn was almost killed when Moosh egged on the operator/driver of the Twister.

The bumper cars were also a huge hit as the ops just kept spreading graphite on the floor...

Mike Gallagher said:
Thanks, man (hug)

I knew SOMEONE was gonna do that! But my money was on Ensign or RCMAC.

I was busy at Cedar Point, otherwise I sure would have.

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Were you at Cedar Point yesterday or today? Meeting calendar, brother!

13 Boomerang, 9 SLC, and 8 B-TR clones

Friday night (usually the best night of the season, every coaster no wait) with Jeph and Ravenphile. We closed down Friday's, Breakers. (ouch my poor achin' head) Then for a couple hours Saturday- ERT at noon, the platinum pass Fresh Cut Fries deal, a check with Dave the woodcarver on the trail (I ordered a custom miniature replica Cedar Downs horse- it ain't ready yet, dammit) then home. By the time I left around 2 the parking lot was full and the lot on the Marina side was on its way to being full.

I always forget about that darn calendar...

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Yeah man. I'm here all weekend. I probably walked right by you all at Friday's without even realizing it.

13 Boomerang, 9 SLC, and 8 B-TR clones

Oh, I don't know how that's possible. We were the really loud obnoxious guys at the end of the bar, but we had a great time, from what I remember. (somebody musta put ecstasy in my Vegas Bomb...)
Shortly afterwards Jeph and Josh were spotted making sand angels on the beach then dragging sand through the hotel looking for a vending machine that had Funyuns. I'm too refined for such activity, so I spent the rest of my time with the straight guy from Kokomo who was very sure that I was trying to pick him up. (heeeey, Eric...)

Good times...

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I'm still finding sand in places I didn't realize. I woke up this morning, and my pillow was all gritty. How?

Clean your ears.

But steering back to Keansburg, I spent a whole week in New Jersey looking for something to do, not realizing there were several small places that would have been fun to see, and not too bad a drive. That was before I had CoasterBuzz available on a mobile device.
It's really amazing the progress the park owners have made there, I remember the photos of the place after the storm and it truly looked like a total washout. That sad image of the Pharaoh's Fury just suspended by itself over the sand has stuck in my mind.
So, good for them and good luck.

This discussion is why I should read all the threads, not just the ones I've been too personally or know much about.

Actually, Friday night I was doing something amusement park-related, but it wasn't hanging out on the boards or getting hammered at Cedar Point.

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