KBF 8/9: The Good, The Bad, & The Frustrating

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Crew – Mike “bassistist Miller, Greg “coasterbuf” Galley, Steve “drumroller” Gardina, Miles “Ghostboy” Ketchum, non-enthusiast Rachelle “screamer” Lagnado, and of course yours truly.

Hours at park – 5pm-10pm
Crowds – heavy
Rides not operating – Wipeout, Tampico Tumbler

Since I gave a full report two weeks ago I’ll just address what we experienced as good, bad, and frustrating.

The Good

While waiting for Xcelerator four young kids squeezed by us and about 30 others to the rest of their group ahead of us in line. I raised my voice and began telling them they had to go back to where they were or I’d flag down an employee. Of course all they did was give me attitude, so I kept my word. When I got close enough to make eye contact with a ride op I pointed to the group and said they had cut in line. Once we had all made it into the station the ride op, Marisa Tanner, asked me to point out specifically who had cut in line. I did so and she went to speak to them. While I couldn’t hear their conversation I could tell they were denying the whole thing.

By the time Marisa returned Rachelle and I were at the front of the Car 2 queue. Right as the gate opened Marisa asked if I cold point out any other witnesses. Since Mike and the rest of my group were behind us I handed the situation off to them and Rachelle and I boarded to ride.

To digress for a moment, the ride was flawless and operations were awesome: friendly employees, quick dispatches, no stapling. Rachelle closed her eyes tight pre-launch and screamed her lungs off thru the entire 30-second ride. She chose a rather unfortunate moment to open her eyes: just as we had crested the top hat and were pointed straight down. It was at this point she spoke the only words on the ride: “I hate you, Matthew!” But she admitted she enjoyed the ride and gladly got in line again when we tried to ride later.

When our train got back to the station park security had arrived and the group who had cut in line were being assembled on the exit ramp. By the time the rest of our crew had finished riding they were being escorted from the park!! In all the years I’ve been going to parks, thru all the instances of line jumping I’ve witnessed this is the first time I’ve seen a park take action. Kudos to Marisa, the rest of her crew, and park security for handling the situation properly.

The Bad

Two key flats that we were all looking forward to, Tampico Tumbler and Wipeout, were not operating. Xcelerator had technical problems around 8pm and didn’t reopen the rest of the night, and ride ops on Perilous Plunge are still painfully stapling riders by pushing with all their weight. With Xcelerator down the crowds mostly went to Supreme Scream, but even with a huge line the park only operated two towers.

We also decided to try Kingdom of the Dinosaurs, a terrible mistake. Operations are horrendous, stopping twice mid-ride to load and unload other trains has ruined the ride experience, and many of the effects are no longer working. The ride is not on the park map, so I can only hope its days are numbered.

The frustrating

I am sad to report that none of us can continue to recommend what used to be one of the best eatery at Knotts or just about any park, Auntie Pasta’s. It is now a buffet-style restaurant offering rock-hard rolls, salad, spaghetti w/ meatballs & marinara, slightly warm cheese and pepperoni pizza, and the worst tasting no-flavor Mac & Cheese I’ve ever sampled. The wonderful antipasto salad, the breadsticks, the lasagna, and the cook-to-order pizza…it’s all gone. I can only assume that the reason to change Auntie Pastas from an outstanding waiter service restaurant to a sub-par buffet was to cut costs, but what they’ve also cut is our patronage.


After our 10pm soaking on Perilous Plunge Rachelle and I decided to call it a night, so I didn’t get a ride on Ghostrider. I’ll leave it to someone else in the group to piggyback on my trip report and talk about GR operations.

All in all a decent night at the park was had by everyone.

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Matthew "mamoosh" Sullivan
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How long were the waits for Xcelerator, Supreme Scream, and Ghostrider. Just wondering becuase I'm going to the park on a thursday later this month from 4 to closing. Hopefully I will get most of the rides in. Good TR.

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Hunter11, the lines are long, but tolerable. How else would they big mid-summer?

Matthew, good to hear that you "got some of 'em back" with that little butt-kicking escapade on Xcelerator! I guess all the hard work at SFMM paid off in kind at KBF? Kudos!!!!

Good also to hear the Xcelerator continues to be just a wonderful experience. Great ops, and a killer ride. Who could ask for more? Well.... me:), but it is a great ride!

Food at parks has never been something I die over, but I know that Knotts has some exceptional grub. It's too bad about Auntie Pasta's, but budgets are budgets. Sounds like it might have to change back, or die, eh??? :(

Glad to hear you made it home, though.....:):):)
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I went on Monday, and crowds were very heavy. Hour wait for GR, Hour and a half wait for Xcelerator, 45 minute wait for Supreme Scream.
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