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Well, I decided to make it up to KBF today. I arrived around 12:30 pm and parked in some remote dirt overflow parking lot. I noticed the parking price was raised to 8.00 bucks, but i had a 35 buck parking pass.

i walked not too far (5 minutes including waiting to cross a major street) to the western entrance and entered the park. i immidetly headed for xcelerator and they told me a 1 hour wait. seeing it was not too long in length i got in and got on within 25 minutes. this ride was full of airtime and i put my hands up on the top hat (so did everyone else). two trains were running reliably with a 2 minute cycle time.

i then saw the snoopy ice show which was better than the christmas show. many parts were hilarious but some blowed. it was very cold inside so i was refreshed. we made our way back out and rode the sky cabin.

we got some more a/c and a nice view of so. cal. no line.

we then headed over to ghost town to eat at the ghost town grill. good ribs and hamburgers. it was cheap too. we then decided it was getting way too hot, so we left for about two hours. we drove the 1/2 mile to the buena park mall and realized there were about 30 open stores, 25 not appealing to us, the rest were out of business. a sad mall but being renovated with a wal mart and movies as well as renovation. it would be nice to have a real mall to take a break in on hot days. we bought some sodas at the supermaret and went back to KBF. we parked in a closer lot to the main entrance.we went over to ghostrider and found about a 2 hour wait. no way when it's going to be less than 10 in about 2 and a half months during haunt at daytime.

went over in ghost town and roamed the place. lots of fun, but crowded at places.

we went over to bigfoot and found a full queue. about a 1 hour wait. i don't love the ride so i skipped. went over to xcelerator again and rode that, 45 minute wait.

then over to CS and we rode the steamboat. the ride op didn't know anything about knotts. she said monte was the fastest ride at 65 (it doesn't reach past 65 and Xcel is about 25 mph faster). she called the fireworks show electro night (electro blast). all she knew about was the stage coach and the grand sierra railroad. she failed to point out things like jaguar and the log ride.

then over to the boardwalk again. we went on KoD, it was cold. we left,

overall, the only trash i discovered was in xcelerator's queue but that is totally the park's fault. there was 1 trashcan i could have used but i walked right past it so i stuck it in a cup on the floor. this queue needs trashcans. the mess was all just cups and bottles, nothing disgusting. they should place a few trashcans in the queue where the line never reaches in the switchbacks. there wan't even a trashcan on the load side of the station. people were nice today despite the extreme heat of 91 degrees.

Nice TR Speedy! Xcelerator looks awesome.

-Sean Newman
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I was at Magic Mountain that day and it was also Hot and Crowded. Nice TR
Hell yeah Xcelerator rocks. Nice TR.

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