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Wednesday, June 13, 2001 7:53 AM
I just visited Knotts yesterday, it was my first trip there in four years. I arrived at the park around 2pm and quickly headed over to Ghost Rider, I had my doubts about it, everyone keeps saying its so great I didn't see how it could be that great. I soon found out i picked the wrong day to go, there were tons of school trips there, the que for Ghost Rider was filled with yelling junior high school age kids, I waited nearly 2 hours before i got my first ride. WOW!!! it was amazing, it just may be my favorite roller coaster now, I can't believe i waited so long to ride it.

After Ghost Rider I walked around the park, the sign at the front said Perilous Plunge would have a delayed opening, but it wasnt even testing when i was there. So i went over to Boomerang, there were too many kids in line again so i decided to wait until later to ride it. I then hit The Jaguar, and then Montezooma's Revenge, i was going to be the next to board when they had mechanical problems, i waited for about 15 minutes and they started testing it again. After they sent it out empty they loaded it because they wanted to test it with weight on it, this was also my first ride on Montezooma as well.

It was then dinner time and many of the schools were leaving so the park was getting empty around 6pm, went back and got my ride on Boomerang, and then headed back for one more ride on Ghost Rider, 20 minute wait this time. The air time on that thing is amazing. It was a great trip!


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