Katapult coaster question?

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I was looking on rcdb, and came accross an interesting looking coaster named "katapult".


Does anyone know if there are one of these in the states anywhere? It looks like a fun ride.

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If you click the model name in rcdb, you get an overview of the five katapults that were built. Not one of them is in states.

The ride is an unreliable and unsafe maintenance nightmare. Well, at least a vanilla katapult - I guess Mirabilandia's katapult has received some modifications considering it's located in a modern and reasonably large amusement park.

Some of the problems with the model (the prototype actually) that was in Finland's Linnanmäki somewhere around early 90's were that the train was propelled with tires that needed replacing often, lapbars acted quirky and opened a few times during operation, a few neckrests came flying off while the train was moving and it was impossible to stop the ride quickly - even in a case of emergency.

All in all, not one of Scharzkopf's finest creations.

I rode one that was in the states. It was located at one of the piers at Wildwood, NJ. I'm thinking it was Morey's, but I don't recall. I can verify the lapbar problem, as I seem to remember a few lapbars being taped off, including the one next to me.

It was a very strange ride to me. Usually, you have a lot of momentum going into the loops, but not on Katapult, because it takes a while to build up speed. So, you are really aware of the transitions, kind of like riding an inverting pirate ship or space shuttle.

Schwarzkopf made a similar, but more extensive shuttle-type ride with hills called "Wiener Looping" that can be "ridden" in No Limits. I'm pretty sure it still exists, but I'll have to look it up later. *** Edited 12/4/2006 11:10:22 PM UTC by Intamin Fan***

The Katapult appeared in 1980 and was Schwarzkops attempt to bring a looping "coaster" to smaller fairs and made it affordable for showmen with a lower budget.

The big sensation back then was the backwards loop and the relatively fast acceleration from the station into the loop.

It is arguable if Katault is a coaster or a powered ride. The only gravity powered part is the top half of the loop.

I have to disagree with the above poster that the ride was any more dangerous or of inferior design than the other Schwarzkopf rides.

Restraints consist of a lapbar and an OTSR. If those restraints were prone to open during the ride and headrests would fly off, then it was definitely a problem of neglect and the ride may have been treated badly during its first ten years of operation.

I understand that the tires were under heavy wear and tear if the ride train was propelled out of the station into the loop. Most of the time the operator would drive the train slowly into the loop, so that the train would climb up the first quarter of the loop. held there for a few seconds, and then would roll out of the loop again.

This would be repeated several times backwards and forwards. The train would accelerate from this point, using gravity and the drive tires to bring it to speed. This would be done to save the material and to add some "show and awe" for the spectators and the riders.

Most rides I had with an Katapult would have three consecutive forward loops and three backward. The "out of the station"-starts used to be rare, mostly when lines were long. Sometimes the train would even accelerate backwards out of the station and do a full loop. This was actually pretty amazing and I am not aware of any other rides that can do this stunt!

There would always be a bit hangtime in the loop which added to the "we´re never going to make it" feeling.

The train could be held in the "quarter loop" position and could be brought to a full stop in the station after coming out of the loop.

If the ride in Linnanmäki could not do this, it was seriously in bad shape.

Actually the drive tires were used on the "Bayernkurve" since the 60ies. A Katapult was just an extended version with an added loop.

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Intamin Fan...

http://rcdb.com/id1941.htm ;)

They LOOK really cool, like an Anton-ized version of a cross between the Bayern Curve and the Larson Ring of Fire...

It look's a small ride that pack's a punch. It look's like a fair ride. I'd ride it if it was at my home park.
When the Katapult first debuted, Wildwood had two at the same time. Morey's Pier replaced their Super Loops with a Katapult and the pier that once had the Jack Rabbit/Scream Machine had the other. Both disappeared very quickly but for a couple of years it was interesting to see two of the same rides so close to one another. And now knowing that there are only five, it's weird to think that Wildwood had two at the same time.
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Thanks for all the info. I wish that there was one of these near me, as I would love to ride one.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I could see one of those at the IX Center amusement park or any other fair for that matter.

It reminds me of a Bayern Curve with a loop added to it.

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How many times does it go around.

Keep your head high and the coasters higher.

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kitsch-transporter said: "Most rides I had with an Katapult would have three consecutive forward loops and three backward."

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