Kali River Rapids at AK

Wednesday, January 7, 2004 7:26 AM
You never hear about this ride. How is it? Is it a clone of DCA's Grizzly rapids ride? Thanks!
Wednesday, January 7, 2004 8:45 AM
Not sure on the clone issue, but it's a good ride with a kick in the tail - the first clue is the splashproof box in the middle of each raft to put your valuable electronics in....


Wednesday, January 7, 2004 8:49 AM
It's not a clone (far from it). It's themed to the logging industry that's ruining the forests of Asia. It's very short and has one drop (vs two on Grizzly). It's also not a soaking type ride unless you are backwards on th drop.
Wednesday, January 7, 2004 9:48 AM
The only good thing about this ride is the queue themeing and the fog shrouded lift that goes forever. Once you're on the ride there's precious few moments of rapids and the 'theming' if half hearted. Grizzly River run is a FAR greater accomplishment (and much much more expensive, I'm sure).
I do like the Asia area, though, and the nature trail there is AWESOME.
Wednesday, January 7, 2004 11:38 AM
Interesting view on the rides, ThemeDesigner. It is almost like we (you and I) rode two different Kali River Rapids and two different Grizzly River Runs. When I rode KRR last March there was quite a bit of rapids and I thought the themeing was really good - how much more could they have done, they have trees - it's a jungle! Whereas GRR! is a ride looking for a theme. Yes it is an OK ride, but the theme, once on the ride itself is non-existent.
Wednesday, January 7, 2004 11:39 AM
Folks sure seemed to be coming off very wet when I was there in late November. The ride looked fun, but the teperatures dropped the day I was there, so I passed on it.


Wednesday, January 7, 2004 11:50 AM
Yes that's what I was getting at -- everyone that I saw getting off of KRR (including Missy and myself) were soaked to the bone -- so much so that we had to change clothes, but hey, it was lunch time so we were going to car anyway.


Wednesday, January 7, 2004 12:02 PM
Shaggy, you shouldn't have passed!

Granted, in the ONE HOUR we had at AK, there wasn't much time before park closing, but I did manage the credit ride (and one other) on the Reverchon mouse and a couple spins on Kali. While it sure wasn't the most *exciting* rapids ride I've been on, I WAS temporarily transported back in time...reminded me of "The Valley of the Dinosuars" from my childhood. If you remember that show, then you're OLD...;) Disney. Quality. Theming. :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2004 12:19 PM
SWOOSH - there's plenty of themeing on Grizzly River Rapids!

For one, the theme of the ride is much simpler than Kali: you're on an expedition down a California [Sierra Nevada] mountain river, you encouter rapids that start mild and end wild...that's really about it! But it's a fast-paced ride and it took me a few times before I caught all the nuances in the themeing, especially in the rapids rating signs.


Wednesday, January 7, 2004 12:32 PM
Well that explains it! I didn't realize the theme was that simple and I think I was trying to make it more difficult than it was. But then again, I didn't "get" the theme of DCA either so that probably just added to it. I think my biggest problem is that I got spoiled by Popeye and Bluto at IOA and I automatically thought that all themed raft rides should be to THAT level (that ride kicked major booty).

I'm surprised that after all the work that they did to get the bear mountain into Brother Bear that they haven't used THAT story on the actual ride (at least putting the mooses on the ride somewhere 'eh). ;)

Anyhoo, I can hardly wait to ride KRR and Popeye and Bluto when I go down there this spring.


Wednesday, January 7, 2004 12:38 PM
Oh, I agree...Popeye is far and above Grizzly in both theming and action. The theme of DCA is pretty simple, too: the various geographical areas of California -- past and present -- all crammed into one park.

As for Brother Bear, they have used the movie tie-in at DCA, but not with the rapids ride as of yet. Instead the kids activity area right across from it now has a Brother Bear theme. Kinda lame, if you ask me.

mOOSH [see ya at No Coaster??]

Wednesday, January 7, 2004 12:53 PM
Yes I can't understand why they wasted the theme on a kids activity area -- but then again I think that was still when Harris was in charge, as I can't see Quimot making the same mistake.

No unfortunately I can't make it to No Coaster this year as #1 I missed the deadline and #2 I will be back in school (thank god I graduate from TSU in may). Maybe we can meet up sometime this summer?!?


Wednesday, January 7, 2004 1:20 PM
SWOOSH - not gonna go much travelling this year but yeah, who knows...perhaps we can make our comedy team Swoosh & Moosh a reality sometime this summer ;)
Wednesday, January 7, 2004 1:29 PM
Moosh needs to come to the parks he hasn't hit on the East Coast, like Carowinds, Myrtle Beach, and a few others!!!!!(hint hint! Going to go to Carowinds in may, but thats kinda short notice;))

I've never been on a rapids ride that was really themed, I would love to hit the one @ DCA, looks cool, and Popeye looks awesome.

Wednesday, January 7, 2004 1:44 PM
Why would I want to come and hang out with the likes of you? ;) Oh, wait...that belongs in the other thread, doesn't it?

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Wednesday, January 7, 2004 1:55 PM

rollergator said:

...reminded me of "The Valley of the Dinosuars" from my childhood. If you remember that show, then you're OLD... Disney. Quality. Theming.

Bill, I think you are referring to the show "Land of the Lost." I actually saw a few reruns of this show on Boomerang or one of those channels at one time and was amazed how bad the special effects really were! They were about one step away from having someone moving plastic dinosaurs around by hand. And I must say the Sleezstacks ruled!

Wednesday, January 7, 2004 1:59 PM
mOOSH, I thought Hyjacking had been banned;). You know you want to come hang with me, its been so long since you've been around this much beaver you're due for some ridin the beaver, err, ridin with the beaver;).
Wednesday, January 7, 2004 2:20 PM
Bob, was the show you're referring to the one where the family was on sort sort of "river rapids" and the boat got overturned....then they got sucked up into a whirlpool and spit back in time....I think they even ended up with a pet dinosaur that ate some sort of prehistoric oranges like they were Scooby Snax.

Granted, my recollections are vague, I was young then...;)

"Valley of the Dinosaurs" may have actually been the end of the "tag line" of the show's opening sequence for all I know...but I do remember thinking how much Kali reminded me of that show....right before "the good drop"...:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2004 3:36 PM
Gator...I remember that show but I thought it was called "Land of the Lost." Ya know...with the evil Sleestacks? Or are we talking about two different shows?
Wednesday, January 7, 2004 3:41 PM
There may or may not be two different shows here....my brother might remember, being about five years older than me gives him an edge when it comes to TV shows from when I was 3 or 4....you guys must be OLD...;)

The KEY, as best as I can recall, was the family in their raft getting sucked down into the whirlpool and travelling back in time. If THAT scene came from the intro to "Land of the Lost", then I'm the one who's.....lost....and there's only one show. I am MORE than willing to believe that that is the case.


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