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Ha! Touche.

Luckily, I've been entrusted with the power of the delete button. ;)

Seriously though, I suppose the criticism and apparent focus on the negative aspects of rides and parks is a part of the quest for perfection. So, Hatham, you can tell your girlfriend that not only do you enjoy parks, but your enjoyment is a nobler and more spiritual type of zen experience than hers.

On second thought, don't tell her that. It'll save you a trip to the florist. ;)

It's also one of life's paradoxes that for some people, the more they b****, the happier they are.

BTW, Hatham-- I hope your girlfriend didn't actually use the word "Immelman" in her argument, or she automatically loses. :)

When I go to an amusement park, I go to forget about my job and life back home. It isn't until after I get back that I start to critique my visit there, unless something really goes wrong or is exceptionally good.
Good points from everyone.

I am just also trying to see her point also.

The contradictions (complaining about what we love) makes no sense to people who haven't found their niche or passion yet (hers is playing music, but she never really talks about it).

And I agree, roller coasters are much more interesting than the newest polo at American Eagle.

University of South Florida....literally across the street from pretty much the best place ever....BGA
Its tough love.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

rollergator said:

those parks with Xcelerator (sp?) hand-dryers certainly have a leg up on the paperless restrooms that have *standard* hand-dryers

Here, here!

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^ If we type in the words *Holiday World*, maybe we'll get more reaction... ;)

"How can you be hatin' on HW?", equipped with a nice angry tone and frowny-face. Proves that for MANY people, there's nothing between unseeing love and unseeing hate. I like the middle ground... ;)

Then, Paula would type in and respond, LOL. Just proves further that parks that do it really well, they are interested in doing it even better....

Having FUN is why we go in the first place, LOL. For me, the armchair CEO stuff is fun while I'm stuck at the desk, and I have seen/heard of parks reacting positively to constructive criticism....even from the parks themselves... ;)

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