Junior Coaster in movie "The New Kids" (1985)?

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I remember seeing this on cable in the late 80's. It's on Comcast on Demand now (here in Chicagoland, anyway). The coaster looks like it may be a Schiff model, but different than most of their standard kiddie coaster. It has a lift, curve, then the drop.

Cheezy 80's movie, but somehow still very entertaining.

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For reference, you can see it at the beginning of this video. Apparently the movie was filmed in Homestead, Florida. There was a Schiff kiddie coaster in Miami (built around the time the movie would've been filming) but it looks nothing like the one in the movie. I wonder if it was a traveling type that was just set up for the filming?

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^I have no clue but I'm pretty curious about this coaster. That lift hill is fast as heck and kinda reminds me of the High Speed Thrill Coaster that used to be at Knoebel's.


The style of the train, supports and track connections all say Schiff, although never knew they built anything other than the standard oval kiddie coaster. Also noticed the motor was mounted at the bottom of the lift hill, I believe on the standard they are at the top of the hill.

Lori Loughlin, pre-Full House..Nuff Said.

Who cares about the rollie coaster? :)

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


It's probably a Molina. He had a machine shop in Florida and made replacement parts for Schiff coasters eventually building complete rides.

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Nevermind the coaster - it cost that guy $4 to fill up his van!!

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^That guy is pretty scary! What do you get when you cross James Spader with coke and bleached eye-brows! eeeks!

Damn, it's like $4.30 here in Chicago, for a gallon o gas!

I bet that coaster ran with gas. I've looked all over RCDB.com and cannot come up with anything yet :(

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I know. I looked at the Molina stuff, and it doesn't look like they were around until the early 90's - at least that's what I can gather. If this movie was mid 80's, that theory might be out the window, too.

They were definitely around in the '80's. I remember seeing their ad in the classified section of AB every week.

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Yeah, Molina was around in the 80s.

CoasterDemon said:
I bet that coaster ran with gas. I've looked all over RCDB.com and cannot come up with anything yet :(

Demon I always enjoyed this flick too and tried to figure out where that coaster was a few years back. Apparently there was an actual park in Homestead that was used for the film. Someone that grew up in South FL was trying to remember the name of it in a post on imdb recently without much help. The only info I can find was a park called Orchid Park was in Homestead but closed. Apparently the town was devastated by Hurricane Andrew in '92 so I doubt those transportable rides would have survived that unless they were all packed up. Not much help with an ID on the coaster but it's a start!

It's a good 80s flick that's got some famous folks on both sides of the camera. Pre Full House and post Amityville 3D Loughlin, of course Spader, and Friday the 13th director Sean Cunningham are all here!

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I think I may have figured out what coaster it is in the movie:


What do you guys think?

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Looks like it could be, to me.

In the 1950's Miler built three portable rollercoasters of different sizes that were different from their standard model. At least two of them toured with Royal American Shows and were billed as "The World's Largest Portable Roller Coaster". I have seen pictures on the web of two of them. Both had the first curve and dip like that shown in the movie. Both had a trailer mounted loading station. I believe one of those three coasters is the one in the link above. The cars in the movie look different to me than the standard Miler cars.



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I can't see the pictures on the last post, but Demon looks like you found it! Nice work!

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Linking issues (exclamation points break the URL) - here's what Tom K. linked:



I apologize. I don't know how to do links very well. I don't think the coaster in the movie is the same as the "Peachtree Express" now at Schnepf Farms. The "Peachtree Express" has a dip right after the lift. However, the two pictures that I tried to post (thank you rollergator for your help)seem to show a smaller coaster with the lift going into a flat curve and a dip. Billboard Magazine in about 1957 reported that Royal American Shows had replaced a Miler coaster with a larger Miler model. Indications are that there may have been three different Miler coasters on the RAS midway over a period of years, each one different in size. Carl Miler also built an all steel Wild Mouse that was on the RAS midway for a number of years. It may be the "Mighty Mouse" now operating at Funtown Pier. Other Mouse rides built by Carl Miler are at Adventure City, Lakeside Denver, and Wonderland Amarillo.

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No worries, and thanks. Beautiful shots.

Also love the train on Peachtree Express (which sounds like the perfect name for a mall ride somewhere in Georgia). High Speed Thrill Coaster will always get it's due, but there are a surprising number of fairly-aggressive "kiddie" coasters.

For a number of years the "Peachtree Express" was a major ride on the Royal American Shows midway with a large neon sign above the station that proclaimed, "World's Largest Portable Roller Coaster". I believe before it was retired from RAS that it did become a part of their kiddieland. By then a Zyklon/Galaxy type coaster was on the midway. Some small coasters can pack a bit of a punch.

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