Jungle Jim's Water Park - Rehoboth Delaware - July 12

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This was not a long visit, but it was a family visit to a park and area I had never been to before. It was a family visit.

After a couple of days in Columbia Maryland it was decided to visit Jungle Jim's for a couple of hours before returning to Long Island. I know that a lot of the smaller parks don't have a ton of trip reports on this site, and I don't recall anything about Rehoboth Beach in a long time, so here goes.

There was no traffic into Delaware at all until we were near the beach area. Then it crawled. It was about 1 PM on a July weekday, so it was bumper to bumper into the area. We were on Route 1 for a long time. I am used to Jersey Shore traffic and this was comparable.

Once we were entering the property, I figured we would have big crowds and camp groups. Nope! Not at all. It took five minutes to pay, enter and get a locker. The facility had a lot of lounge chairs in the sun to choose from. I assume there were some in the shade too. There was a sign saying that "Stampede Slide" would not be running today. That is the family slide that handles five sliders at once.

The Good:

Most of the slides launched from the same platform. They have two that use a single or double tube...two "stomach down - mat slides" that were hard for me to control...and a small water coaster that used pressurized water to push you up and over the hills instead of a mat-driven system. This was refreshing and fun. All of the slides were of good quality and the lines were very reasonable. We didn't wait longer than 15 minutes for anything. While there were some steps, most of the climb was on inclined concrete.

The very small wave pool and decent sized (Oval) lazy river were very unusual. It was the only time I saw a river of this type pass-through a wave pool. This made the tubes bounce and feel fantastic. There was a strong current throughout the entire river, although the waves were on a clock.

There was a water playground area that we didn't use because we were enjoying the river too much and it was mostly for little kids. They also had mini golf and batting cages.

The bathrooms were very clean. The lifeguards and staff looked like they were enjoying themselves and there wasn't one person that we came across who was a weasel in any way. We did not eat or drink in the park, but there were no lines for food.

The Bad:

Nothing really. We got what we came for. It was a little pricey - $45 per person although if a family is going to stay there for the day...there is more value. We knew we would have to start heading home within a couple of hours. There are also deals if you enter after 3 PM.

The Unusual:

We were close but we never saw the beach or boardwalk...even from the top of the ride platforms. The shoreline is further down the road.

The Mrs. doesn't like slides and was able to get a senior ticket. That saved a few bucks, but seniors are not allowed on certain slides. (Isn't that discrimination?)

There was also a koi / turtle pond that was cool, although it had intense algae in the water giving it a mirky look. The water in the attractions was clean and at a comfortable temperature for a hot July day.

Overall, we had a very nice time...And as a public service announcement...Please support some of the smaller local parks.

Thank you for reading this.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

The nice thing about Delaware is tax-free shopping. You can’t swing a cat without hitting an outlet mall or a liquor store.
We went to Rehoboth a couple summers ago, but a weekend or two after Labor Day. We stayed at a beautiful guest house. The weather was perfect but most of the boardwalk was closed, including a lot of restaurants and certainly all of the attractions. (No famous Funland dark ride for me). My partner loved that aspect of it, me not so much. Fortunately (for me) the Ocean City Md. boardwalk area was still in full swing and we made a quick day trip there.
I don’t remember seeing this waterpark, but it sounds like it was in the newer “town” area before one reaches the actual beach town. The river sounds like one I’d sit in all day long.

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