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My good friend and I went to Six Flags last Friday evening. We were having a good time and riding lots of coasters. Pretty average evening, checking out the Texas hotties and being the usual jackasses we are known to be.

As the evening wears on we get seperated from our other friends and check out some of the tamer rides as the lines are getting longer.

There was one called The Mine Train, suppossedly it was really the thing in its day. Here is the description from sixflags.com

The ride that changed roller coasters forever! The Six Flags Over Texas mine train was the world's first tubular steel roller coaster.

Honestly it was pretty lame, I dont think we ever went over 30mph. Mostly just curves and twists. It is extra lame in the part where it goes through this gay looking saloon with mannequins all dressed up in period clothing (whatever period gay mine trains ran in)

Here is a pic of said saloon:

So as we are getting to the end of the train, my friend and i decide it woudl be pretty hilarious if he were to hop out of the ride and duck into the saloon and then scare people as they pass through, of course he could only do it once, since the people on the train would obviously shat themselves and complain to the ride operators.

We rode it once more to survey it and make sure there was a clean getaway.

Everything looked in order

As we are getting off the 2nd time and getting ready to get back on again to make the daring escapade, we run into our friends again and they join us. We told them all about his plan to scare the bejeebus out of the people

Convenintly enough I am a large man and my friend is small in stature, well at least compared to me anyway. Luckily the restraint ciontrapiton wont go down on him too hard and he can make a quick escape

We (all 5 of us) get into the last car on the train and as we are getting ready to sit down, the bar of course wont lock tino place as I am trying to make sure my friend has extra leeway to get out. This alerts the rocket scientist ride attendant that something is amiss and he tries to get me to manuever into a different position so it will lock further than it is. Our other friend (a persuasive woman) jokes with the guy and says "whats the worst that could happen"he replies "someone could fall out"

Little did he, or we, know

The attendant lets us go without the bar being all the way down, mind you it is locked but not pressing on my friends legs. As we leave the station my friend quickly adjusts himself out of the seat and puts his legs over top of the bars restraint.

We are in the last car as shown in this picture of the ride

The ride continues on and we arrive at the gay little saloon. My friend hops out and runs next to the train, screaming at all the people and flailing his arms like a madman. It was comedy gold, people were in sheer terror.

Now remember the plan was for him to make a quick exit out of the saloon and hop over the fence and we would just hope that the retarded attendant wouldnt notice

But no, my friend decides to try and hop back into the train car. What happened next transpired in about 2 seconds

Apparently, now that I can think back, we had rode on the first car both of the first two times that we went on it. See the ride takes a huge dip into a dark tunnel right at the end of the saloon and I am assuming gravity takes over by the time the first half of the train is dropping

As my friend went to grab the back of his seat the thing just tore out of his hands and he fell headfirst onto the train track, as we turned around all we saw was him diving into the rails headfirst, then we were in total darkness for 5 or so seconds.

I assummed he was dead or unconscious and about to be hit by the next train.

As we got towards the end of the ride one of our friends could see him emerging from the saloon, albeit hobbling and in pain.

As we got back to the station the little retarded guy is unloading passengers and gets to our car and notices that we are sans the little man.

My friend launches into this oscar nominated plea for help to save our friend who fell out of the ride and was now at the bottom of the dark tunnel right past the saloon.

Of course, by this point he was already at the end of the exit ramp from the ride smiling from ear to ear like a kid who just beat his dad at football for the first time

Anyway back to Senor Operator, he is dumbfounded and has no idea what to do, we quickly exit the ride and once out of sight are laughing our asses off.

My frined was hurt pretty badly so we got him a wheelchair from the hospitality house. He told me he was nauseous so I got him some water. As I was walking back there were all these security guys running past me.

Sure enough I went back to take a look and there were all these guys with flashlights inside the saloon peering into the hole.

It was the best day I have ever had at an amusement park. We topped it off by getting drunk and passing out from exhaustion.

My friend is the baddest motherfvcker to walk the planet

I salute you


Seriously though , who wrote this.

I nominate all of you for Darwin Awards. And the ban list.

How old are you?

This is very offensive. REAL coaster enthusiasts do NOT act this way. If seeing you friend almost die is fun, than you need to get some serious help. Maybe you need to read this http://www.coasterbuzz.com/enthusiastsonnotice.htm
I was considering posting this, as this is a member of another forum where I am a moderator. I guess I'll just write the same message here I was going to--

"Thank god this guy isn't an enthusiast."

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dexter said:

The best part of that whole letter is that the guys name is Jeff Putz

I hope Six Flags sues this moron. This just makes us look worse.

Hi.....whats your name again?

how are they going to sue?
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I apologize in advance. This guy is a troll, and sadly enough, is an adult also.

Like I said, even know I've known the guy online for years, he needs to be taught a lesson and I hope SF steps up to the plate, quite frankly.

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Oh, I'm sorry. Continue the conversation...

...and wake me if I happen to nod off.

I'm not sure which is more unbelievable - the original post or the fact that people continue to bite on crap like this. The point is to get a reaction. Preaching to someone who just wants you to get all upset and preach makes you little more than their internet playtoy.

Does this thread mark the official beginning of offseason or is it just another blip on the radar that will only come back when 'playa releases his greatest hits collection?

Speaking of which, this is just begging for a visit from CO. :)

Actually I fully believe this. Like I said, I've known the guy online for a long time. He's always been rather candid, and it's just not in his nature to make something like this up.

Bad didn't even know about CB until I mentioned it over at the other forum, so it's not just some Jeff hating nutcase back from the dead.

Again, my apologies.

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Ye Gods. Close this crap.
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One time. At band camp. Me and my friend jumped off a gay little coaster. And then...

That's fine, Jono. I don't question, nor care about, the legitimacy of the story.

Bringing it to CB was done as nothing more that an attempt to get a reaction.

The thread on the other site pretty much spells that out and the fact that there was no reaction there only backs it up.

It's here for one reason - to get a reaction.

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Is it me or is the off-season getting really long already?

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Closed topic.

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