July 4th Trip to Texas, Friday, Six Flags over Tex

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The second full day of my Texas adventure began in Greenville TX, where I spent the night. I left the hotel at seven and arrived at the Six Flags gate at 8:00 where I was second in line and before the parking lot opened 45 min later every lane was full back to the street.

Entering the park was an Adventure, the metal detectors were on high, every male over the age of 30 was left holding his pants up with one hand and his belt in the other, it was fun trying to hold the little basket full of keys, change, camera and wallet. And try to put the belt back on.

The First ride was Titan, back seat, 4th train out. Wow, another coaster added to my nebulous list of favorites. I don’t do top tens as I couldn’t possibly pick 10 over all the others. The ride has lots of air, laterals, head choppers and positive g’s. What more could one want.

The First snafu was Texas Giant, still down till noon for repair, so I volunteered to help Marshal B. Bunny, capture Yosemite Sam, and return the stolen gold to some Wells Fargo agent named Fudd. As you can tell I really enjoyed this water-dark ride.

My next coaster was Shockwave, not as exciting as I remember from my first non Cedar Point Experience, back in 1992. But it is still a good ride, even if I do almost pass out in the loops.

My stomach was demanding food, so being that it was still before 1100 I had breakfast of Sausage on a stick and Lemonade, Yummy. Now it was time for the Grandfather of all steel tube coasters, the Mine Ride. It is still one of Arrows finest.

By now the crowds were beginning to thicken so I quickly headed over to Mr. Freeze. The difference between this one with lap bars and my ride last year at St. Louis with shoulder bars is night and day. There is nothing like a front seat ride on this puppy, to get the blood pumping. From here I headed across the courtyard to Batman, by now a 30 min Wait, the AC in the queue is a nice touch. This is not just another Batman; this one is smooth as glass, and very fast. The best one I have ridden.

I skipped the boomerang, as the line was as long as Batman’s and the Parachute ride closed just as I walked up to it. Wind was the cause.

I had a Summons to appear in the Courtroom of The Honorable Judge Roy Scream. It went well I was sentenced to a trip alone the lake. This is an average post Miller out and back, with a great view. From there I took a leisurely stroll, and stopped for a bag of kettle corn and lemonade across from Runaway Mountain.

I waited about 20 min to ride Runaway Mountain, and it was a surprisingly good ride. The darkness was complete so you have no idea of which way you were going next.

Finally I returned to Texas Giant, the sign said 45 min. But that was without putting on the third train, that task completed the line quickly grew to an hour and a quarter. After this ride in the back seat, I know why Cedar Fair, neuters there giant woodies, Yes this puppy is fast, but it beats the crap out of you. I bruised my ribs on the side of the car and had to lean forward to keep my back from getting hammered. But I have to admit I have never felt so out of control on any coaster, so for that it was fun.

By now the crowds were so thick that I decided that it was time to head north and see if I could make MO, by dark. I made it almost, but I took a side trip to check out Vinita, OK an old Army buddy was from there, it still looks today like it did 10 years ago. Well part three will be a quick stop at Worlds of Fun, Saturday morning.

For Photos: http://www.msnusers.com/Coastertrips/shoebox.msnw

Whats life if you never get to the Po!nt?

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Great tr. Glad you had fun, I love SFOT
Nice TR!

-Sean Newman
84 coasters in Track Record!! Hypersonic XLC # 100 in July. Waiting for the 305 foot drop tower in 2003. Thank you PKD.

Good TR, and I'm glad you had a good time.

BTW, though, not to be picky, but Judge Roy Scream was designed by Bill Cobb.

I love TG. :)

I know that is why I said post Miller, as in after the designs of Miller and Allen- I couldnt think of away to discribe the post Miller/Allen, pre CCI era.

Whats life if you never get to the Po!nt?

Oh ok I didn't see the "post." Sorry!

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