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Sunday, July 7, 2002 1:05 PM

Well, I was in San Fran for the week of the 4th. I decided, because everything else was closed on the 4th, that I should hit a park. After realizing that SFMW was the more logical park to visit, I boarded a ferry that brought me to Vallejo and took a cab to the park. The first thing I see over the horizon, is Medusa.

Seeing how I was traveling with my Aunt and Mother, I would be riding solo most of the day. However, riding solo has it's advantages. For example, at BGW, I rode alpe 15 times in a row when it had a 2 1/2 hour wait. Its those empty seats you need to grab, quickly.

I get in with my season pass, and they used a 1/2 price coupon I had from my value book. Get in, and I could see 1/2 empty trains on Medusa. I decided to go the other way, to V2. Some things I noticed about the park early, It has a condensed feeling, and I am not a fan of all the plain blacktop walkways. On the other hand, Some of the ques were pleasantly themed.

Over by V2, there was only about a 5 minute wait. While on line, I could observe the re-design. Well, to my luck (never having experienced a holding brake) the holding brake was working at about 25% power. Basically, just a light slam into the restraint but no where close to a stop. I get on the front row in about 7 minutes. The launch is actually good! Stalling upside down is a unique experience, one I'll never forget. The back tower is good, but it wasn't too intense (I guess I'm just used to WT). I also found an empty seat in the back, which was a little more intense.

So afterwards, my mom said she would go on Roar with me. Again, just our luck, we're next to ride, and the ride breaks down and they didn't know when it would be open again. I must say, despite the openness to the street, the Roar que was well themed and sheltered.

After getting over to the main area, we wove our way through the labyrynth (sp) of fences and trees to head to Medusa. As we're walking, I was seeing 1/2 filled trains and an empty que. I get over, get on line, and hit the front first, 1 train wait. I am still confused as to which is better, east or west. I think I have to say east. Medusa west has a great 1st half, but the second half is just two corkscrews, a slow turn, and a good helix. Despite this, I was glad to see the trim brake before the sea serpant was 1/2 removed, with only the "prongs" still attached. Empty que line meant 6 re-rides for me. The back has considerable airtime, better than Kraken.

With those nice things said about the ride, Now I must kavetch about the ride ops. One word for this coasters operation, STACKING! I'm talking like trains were braked with 4 cars on the banked track. Slow ride ops were getting on my nerves, especially cause they were too busy having a harlem "shake-off" instead of dispatching.

With that done, My mom and aunt wanted to hit Cobra. With a walk-on (supprisingly, because earlier it was like full-que!) It's the same as Poison Ivy and Blackbeards, but you get two laps. Good kiddie coaster, but this thing is loud!

It was now 1:00. My mom and aunt headed for the dolphin show, While I hit Kong. After a 5 minute wait, I must say this is just another hang-and-bang. The 2nd row yielded a smoother ride. However, I noticed that this one goes considerably slower than others, so it isn't AS painful. It looked well kept too. The on-ride photo booth was nice and clean.

After rounding up the bunch, we thought we'd try out their version of Dino Island 3D. this thing has got to be the worst simulator EVER. Not only did the movie have nothing to do with dinosaurs, but the glasses didn't even work! I came off with a headache.

We traveled up the hill and I hit boomerang quick. This also had a nice que area. More horrible ride ops, though, and another boomerang. Only good part is the backwards loop, I always see stars. Once done with this, I quickly did Voodoo (huss topspin) that had a different pattern then other ones Ive ridden. The other ones usualy do acrobatics, combined with those quick loops and changes in elevation. This one though, Just did 3 straight loops and then some little baby things.

A walk through the animal part was fun. I reccomend going into the butterfly aviary, the butterflies are everywhere! Plus, when you come out of it (98 degrees inside) it feels like air conditioning.

We made our way back to Roar, to find a 20 minute wait. These trains are identical to those on Lightning Racer (GCI, duhh). I was impressed with the ride, definetly a great wood coaster, but It didn't strike me as excellent. The shed-like tunnel was great, and I loved the first drop. Not a lot of airtime, I will add.

I was done with everything on this side, and we had time to kill, so I went over and checked the que for Kong. This time, it was like 3/4 full. By the time I passed around one que line, ten minutes had passed. Screw this, I'm going to Medusa!

Again, Medusa has light crowds. One train wait for every seat, and 3 train wait for the front. I did 3 rides, and on my third ride, BAM! Stuck on the midcourse. After about 10 minutes, We released and made the slowwww trip back. When we arrived, they were cycling trains and said it was a sensor problem (probably cause of the damn stacking). After 10 minutes, they started letting people on. I was happy now, because every row had its own ride op, and they would have "relay races" to see who could open/close/check the restraints in their row the fastest. After 2 more rides, it was calling time.

I bought my Medusa on-ride pic, and tried to find a souvineer store but all there was was looney tunes shops. We cought a taxi back to the ferry, and got back in time to see the fireworks over the bay.
RATINGS (major coasters)
Medusa (8.5/10)- I'll get to the weak spots, and strong spots. First, Medusas' second half (besides the final helix and drop off the mcb) is very plain and has no good effects. However, the ride does have a great, intense, and (yes) even airtime filled first half. I prefer the cobra roll to the seaserpant, but the heartline was great. The Drop was great too. This ride is worth a wait, imo. Best coaster at the park.

V2 (7/10)- With the modifications in mind, the result was good. I would like it more if the holding break was atfull power, otherwise it was good. Great launch, good stalling.

Roar (8/10)- The appeal of this coaster is all the twisting track. I loved all those twisted drops and little (LITTLE) pops of airtime. The shed tunnel was great too.

Thanks for reading!

How much more floorless can they get?

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Sunday, July 7, 2002 1:14 PM
Glad you enjoyed my homepark, so I assume 3 trains on Medusa? Last year it was super crowded on the 4th and they ran 3 trains for the only time all year and it was stack city. Great TR!

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Sunday, July 7, 2002 3:22 PM
Nice TR!

-Sean Newman
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Sunday, July 7, 2002 8:48 PM
BTW, the reason Dinosphere had no dinos is becuase they just changed it! They got a new movie in the last few days!

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Saturday, July 13, 2002 9:57 PM
The only reason Roar has no airtime is because those stupid lap bars keep moving down. They don't snap in place. They keep going down a couple notches, until at the very end, you felt like your leg is in a tourniquet. If you slouch in your seat, the ride ops won't push it down too tight. The best way to hold it up is to push the support bar up with your foot for the dutation of the ride. It may not be comfortable at first, but it's worth it. Sometimes I wish the seats weren't as padded either. I would rather have those plastic seats with the hard sides, so you can bang your elbows. I guarantee your arms would be black and blue after that!
Saturday, July 13, 2002 10:58 PM
Good TR, Whats up with V2's holding break at SFMW, why can they never get it working?

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Sunday, July 14, 2002 10:46 PM
I always get walk ons at SFMW every week day I go. Im glad you enjoyed it. You should of ridden Taz, its a great flat ride and the hammerhead shark.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002 9:51 AM
The line for hammerhead shark was like 30 minutes!

How much more floorless can they get?


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