July 4 Texas trip, Day 1 Magic Springs

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Taking advantage of the long weekend, I left Indy at 700PM Wednesday night and headed southwest, My choice of routes was a little off, I cant stand the monotony of I-70 and I-57/55 so I headed south through Louisville and spent a few hrs. sleeping in my car at the Welcome center on I-24 in Pauduch.

Heading diagonally across Arkansas, I arrived at Magic Springs at aprox. 1230. It was sprinkling, but cleared up before I walked back to Arkansas Twister, A pretty neet little out and back if you ask me, I rate it about the same as CP's Blue Streak, and the layout is alot alike except the station is turned around and you go straight up the hill, It looks like thay planned two trains as it has a railless transfer track behind the station. I give this little gem a 7, best ride in the front seat.

Next I hit the "new" Big Bad John, this is one of the classiest mine train instalations I have ever seen. It makes great use of terrain and the forest. My new favorite Mine ride. GCI did a great job with the reinstall.

The mouse was small but injoyable as most mice are. Where in NJ did this come from? it still has the NJ inspection tag on the control stand.

All in all a nice little park, in a very nice environment, sorta reminds me of Holiday World, speeking of which lots of ride ops asked me about my Raven shirt. Here it is the 4th of July though and the park was really empty. I hope this park can make it. 1 train wait on Big Bad John, and lots of empty seats on the twister.

Tomorrow, Titan is calling me.

Whats life if you never get to the Po!nt?

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I believe the mouse was the ride in New Jersey from Gillian's Pier. The one that had the rollback and they removed out of respect and because of bad publicity. Rides911 and RCDB have more info.

Off with the trims!
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YA that's right.Nice TR!

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