July 1, SFGAm, what a day, what a day

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This was my first visit to SFGAm this year. I went with two of my friends which neither had ever been on V2 or Deja Vu. So we get to the park right at the opening, and guess what the sign says. Deja Vu and V2 may be closed today. That was great. Just great. So we cancelled our idea of heading to Deja Vu first.

A+ The first ride was Raging Bull, last row. I love this coaster. It's so great. It's just sensational. I can't explain it. Though, I did notice this year it ran a little slower. Strange.

B+ Our second ride was Giant Drop. Thrilling as usual, nice ride, only a five minute wait.

A+ Next was Viper. This is my favorite woody in the world. The airtime is incredible. I also love the double dip. It's so great.

A- After that we headed to Shockwave. We got front row. Is it me, or has this ride gotten a lot better? I mean, it's a little smoother, but boy, it was sure a lot faster and more intense than last year. I actually now like this ride. During our wait in line for Shockwave, we could see V2 was testing.

B+ Next was Batman. We got front row. Unfortunatley there was a malfunction right before it was our turn to go on. We had to wait about an extra 20 min. The ride is so great and intense, but too short. But let me say, thank god for the malfunction. Here's why.

A+ As soon as we got off of Batman, guess what opened in front of our eyes? Yup, V2. Boy were we lucky, there was no wait because we got the second ride of the day. If we had gotten off Batman earlier, it still would've been testing and we would've passed it up. Love the ride. Rode it twice in a row. The back and the front. One of my favorites.

B After that we went on Iron Wolf. We went in front row. I like this ride a lot. IT's very intense, very fast, and has a great pace. It's one you don't want to miss.

C- After that we went for American Eagle. We rode it twice in a row. Once forward and once backwards. The ride is okay. I really don't like it. Though I must admit it isn't braked has hard as last year. Sheesh, it ran like a slug last year. The ride is a-okay.

B+ After that we were origanlly going to head to Demon, but with out luck, Deja Vu opened right in front of our eyes. It broke down once while I was in line, and I had the last ride for the day when we got stuck. This was my experiecne. We went through the course forward, and boy was it intense. I was loving it. Then we headed for the second lift which you are face up. We reach the top. Nothing happens. We're stuck. Then we go down, but not a normal speed, but about 1 mph. Then we jsut stopped. The ride was now ruined. It was my first time ever on it, and it was ruined. So we were stuck for a good five miniutes. Then the ride headed up the lift a second time. Everyone figured it was fixed. So we did the course backwards, and after that it was closed for the whole day. That was luck. At least we got to ride it. I'm sure if it wasn't for the incident, it could've gotten an A+.

B Demon was after the stupid Vekoma, piece of crap ride. Demon's just fun. Good coaster, ands just enjoyable.

Then we went on Raging Bull again, and the we left. It was a good day, though I must admit that the Deja Vu icident won't be forgotten.

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You gave Deja Vu a "B+" and then you proceed to call it a "stupid Vekoma piece of crap ride". Sometimes I just don't get you people...

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My guess, is that he was not referring to the ride experience itself, but probably the fact of it always braking down, and the little mishap on his ride. That is my guess, but, it is really hard to tell what anyone is thinking on these boards ;)

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What I meant, was the experience, the 90degree drop was so cool, but then I remember how badly made this coaster is. It's a cool ride, but it's a pretty crappy one when it comes malfunctions. The ride itself is not crappy. The way how it opens then closes, then valleys, then does something else is crappy. Cool ride, crappy design.

I'm going, I'm going, I'm gone!

I'll give you that, but all Vekoma bashing aside, the ride has been running reliably as of late. Sure, there have been a few mishaps, but for the most part, I can expect Deja Vu to be open whenever I go. Kudos to Great America for that.:)

Formally Known as Ozzyhead.

Same here Ozzy I can now go to SFGAm a little more relaxed when it comes to Deja Vu. The past 5 times I have been there it has ran great all day with only a few minor breakdowns.

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Nice TR! Glad you rode Deja VU.

-Sean Newman
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