July 1, 2007 - San Diego County Fair

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We made our annual pilgrimmage to the Hi-Miler at the San Diego County Fair this past Sunday. For folks who are into fairs, flats, coasters, or unhealthful food, this is the place for you.

The weather was nice. The fairgrounds are just across the highway from the beach which tends to keep things cooler than inland. Still, it was on the warm side.

We arrived a little after 10 and miraculously got a parking spot near one of the entrances. After swinging past the sheep, goats, and cows, we passed this place: http://mmm-yoso.typepad.com/mmmyoso/2007/06/the-san-diego-c.html

Our first order of business was to get Jr. on a couple of rides at the (huge) kiddie carnival before he got tired and cranky. Most rides had a 36" height requirement that he didn't meet. It would not have mattered anyway because he was nervous about some of them anyway (to big, weird, noisy). But he got a couple spins on the choo choo, motor boats, and a neat canoe flume ride for toddlers. I also took him on a whale ride that had a bubble machine and gave little pops of air (first airtime).

We're looking forward to coming back next year when he can ride more, but I am not going to count on his willingness to ride. We'll see. And speaking of seeing, thay had the most georgeous Miler kiddie coaster. The rolling stock was decked out in chrome. It looked very nice and I was very sad that I didn't bring my camera.

After that, we passed a guy with a fake French accent selling cooking ware and snagged some fry bread before taking our customary strip of family photos in the photo booth.

It was starting to get crowded and there were actually lines for the flat rides as we headed into the main midway. Again, this is flat ride heavan. I'm not big into them, but would have definitely taken a spin on the Zipper if we had come with friends. No biggie, next year.

So the Hi-Miler. This is the best little steel coaster in the world. I was fortunate to get the front seat. Great air, fast turns, and that feeling the whole structure would come toppling down at any minute. What's the point if you're not just a little nervous anyway? ;)

I waved at my boy and made lots of noise for him as it wound through the course. I just can't wait until we can all go as a family. But in the bigger scheme of things, we had a great time together and will continure to do so as we all get older. Fun stuff. And I'm greatful we didn't have to drive a hundred miles or pay a small fortune to have fun.


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