Judge rules in favor of Conneaut Lake

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Gary Harris, former owner and operator of Conneaut Lake, who gave the park to the community in 1997 but then later claimed he held a 99-year lease to much of the property, lost his battle to any rights to the park. Crawford County Judge Gordon Miller dismissed all of Harris' claims to the park in a lengthy order and accompanying opinion that was issued late Wednesday. The decision could clear the way to the park's continued operation this summer.

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I think the judges ruling, from what I have read, was correct. He made his claim of the "lease" only after, "...reaching a plea agreement with federal prosecutors that dropped the criminal count that included potential forfeiture." Which would have made him lose all rights to the park and the property it sits on...

Also, the deeds he signed over to the community, as he was preparing to go to prison on tax evasion charges, giving them the park and other various properties made NO MENTION of the lease.

It's suprising this case went this far based on the information...

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It'll be apealed.. I'm sure he will.. and once again.. it's kind of hard to secure loans with a pending law suit. He apeals and it'll drag on..

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Excellent News! Now I just need to haul my butt out there and visit.

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Mr. Harris needs to forget about the park. He obviously dont have the know-how to handle his own money legally....He already lost the park and all the things that came with the park. He is just trying to kick a dead horse (his lawsuit) alive.....
Mr. Harris certainly sounds like a sleazy operator. Hopefully if he appeals the higher court will throw his case out without even bothering to hear it. It sounds from the article like he has no evidence to back up his claims.

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What does this mean for the park's opening? Will they open for Memorial Day or will the park opening depend on this loan? Any info on what the park can do now would be appreciated, since I would like to make a visit this summer.
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Just glad to know the news I gave last night wasn't hearsay :)

Chuck, saying the internet is fast and often missleading but WOOO HOOO!

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Confirmed, Lesourdsville Lake opening for 2003 details soon at Lesourdsville.com

Thank God!!!


I hope it reopens. CLP was originally on last year's CPlaya 100 list but got trimmed cuz...well 2000 miles of driving is enough, I guess. Now I'll have to ponder whether to do SRM or CoasterMania with a side trip to CLP and Americana. Decisions, decisions.


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as of 04/16/03 we still haven't heard that were not opening yet...keep your fingers crossed..come sing for us.....
its me again...couldn't remember my password for clpskaraokeguy lol..anyway THE PARK WILL BE OPEN SAT MAY 24TH!!! .....and our stage will be where the sky thriller used to be...

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