Judge rules for Disney in lawsuit over autism wait times

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A federal judge has ruled in favor of Disney World after an Orlando disability advocate sued the company on behalf of her adult autistic son to get him immediate access to the FastPass lines at the theme parks.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.


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Even as an autism awareness advocate, I side strongly with Disney on this one. Certainly every person is different, but my experience is that having scheduled times for things is the way to manage expectations, not cater to things on-demand.

Disney has gone above and beyond for us in the case of unfortunate circumstances. We were next in line once for Pooh when it went down mechanical. A meltdown ensued, and the cast members immediately gave us a pass to board pretty much anything immediately. The company is beyond fair and accommodating.

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And as I've said here before, during my time working at WDW, those that genuinely needed it were so thankful when we switched from the GAC to the DAS system in 2013. They were all incredibly thankful that we had switched to a system that was fair and not nearly as able to be abused. Those that were "Karen mad" at the Guest Relations window were overwhelmingly the system abusers.

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I'm not familiar with the two systems. What's the difference?

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Essentially the old system was unlimited Fastpass line access to any attraction any time for an entire group. The current system requires you to obtain a return time that correlates with the current standby wait and then return to the Fastpass line.

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