Joyrides adds new photos of Holiday World and Phantom's Revenge

Posted | Contributed by Taipan

You know it's a special day when Joe Schwartz updates his classic Joyrides site. This update includes new photos of Holiday World, including The Legend and The Raven, as well as the new Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood.

Take me to Joyrides.

As always, Joyrides delivers some really incredible photos. Very cool.
Nice pics Joe! There she is, my #1 wood, The Legend!
Scale model coasters and rides.....
There is one photo of MF from the front seat to!!!!

"Riding High"

The Devils are going to get buried, by an AVALANCHE! Lets get it for Bourque!

Does it get any better than that down the lift hill shot on PR!

Joe's still #1! Great shots!

If Lifes a Rollercoaster, I want a Flawless
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So what kind of camera are you using there to get that high quality?
I believe Joe uses the Canon Rebel 2000.

See the FAQ on the site to see how he takes his photos.
Its about time he updated though.

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