Joyland(Wichita KS) photos

I'm going to be writing a photo history book about Joyland. If anyone has photos of the park I could really use them.Also websites with pictures. I'm looking for anything from the Ottaways to present times (mostly older though), please include a date and if you'd like a description.
If you choose to scan the photos there are some requirements(asked for by publisher) :
1.300 DPI
2.output size at least 8 inches
3.grayscale( 8-bit)
4.Save as TIFF.
Oh and I need your permission to use your photos.
I can't wait to get started on this project. If you have any questions
please contact me.


Save Joyland at

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Any news on the park, Chris?
Can't wait to see the book. Joyland is one of those parks I always wanted to learn more about. I regret never having made it there, but I hope the park reopens so I can plan a trip. I won't make the mistake of missing out on it again.
Michael and Robert still plan to open the park.They have the right team of attorneys now.My hope is that things will be resolved by summer so they have the rest of the year to prepare for an opening next year.check for details.

Save Joyland at

IF YOU CLICK HERE you will be taken to 50 photos of Joyland taken this past January.


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

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Thanks Tom, and chris...

Hopefully we'll see this park operating soon...complete with all its glorious Schmeckness....

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