Joylands wooden coaster burning

Just got note on FB from a weather chaser from the area that the wooden coaster at Joyland is on fire

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Do we know if this weather related, more vandalisim or something else entirly?

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Not sure. the park has been a target for vandals since its closure

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Where are you reading that the coaster burned? The story says that the fire was contained to a bathroom building.

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Ok, thats not what the story said last night. It said the coaster had been on fire and spread to two other buildings.

This story has changed and i have no idea how. My storm chasing friend Mike Phelps is however pretty reliable.

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Yeah, I saw the article when it mentioned the coaster had caught fire. Oh, the joys of internet journalism. Publish anything as long as you publish it first, then get the facts and edit accordingly...

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