Joyland Closing

Joyland Amusement Park in Lubbock, Texas has announced that they will not be reopening. The announcement was made on Facebook. See

Sorry to hear. I remember really liking that park, despite the lack of respectable coasters.

Wishing the Dean family a happy retirement.

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That Facebook post has since been taken down.

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That's odd. If you go directly to their page, the post is still there. Maybe just a bad link above.

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Bad link in the original post. Remove the period at the end.

That's sad to see. My family spent a fun afternoon there quite a few years back.

Even as a park enthusiast, I did not know Lubbock had an amusement park until we visited family there. It was a nice surprise and a fun little park.

They purchased the flywheel shuttle loop coaster from Astroworld shortly after it closed, but never installed it. I seem to remember hearing that it was in pretty rough shape.

There was also an issue with the soil condition at Joyland.

I's now the only Schwarzkopf shuttle loop coaster in the US, Knotts took a cutting torch to Montezooma's Revenge, to be "reimagined" as a whole new attraction.

Tom Keener:

There was also an issue with the soil condition at Joyland.

Did they build the park on quicksand?!

The announcement mentioned something about flooding in the park area being an issue. That could contribute to soil problems.

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