Joyland auction off, offer reportedly in hand

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An official with the auction house representing Joyland confirmed that the auction for the park had been canceled. An offer had come in, and had been accepted by the Joyland owners. The official could not detail the offer.

Read more from The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

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Well, it wasn’t me.

Maybe someone bought it from the Brazos River Monster for tree fiddy.

Even though Gene Staples and Indiana Beach Holdings LLC are currently engrossed with their recent park acquisitions, I have a feeling they may be involved. I can definitely see them striking a deal to purchase Joyland, as this would be a solid fit for both Gene and the Dean family. Joyland is one of the few parks in the country that I have not had the pleasure to visit, but from what I understand, it’s quite a gem and a big part of the Lubbock community. The park seems to have a lot of character, and it would be great to see Indiana Beach add it to their already growing portfolio. Even though the park was already about to be auctioned, I hope the new owners, (whomever they are) don’t sell it off for scraps and turn it into another campground like Conneaut Lake or what is about to happen with Ghost Town In The Sky. Joyland is located in Mackenzie City Park, so I am doubtful a campground would ever come to fruition. Only time will tell who the new owners are and what their plans encompass.

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More good news: it’s not Gene Staples.

As much as I admire what he’s doing, he can’t save all the independent amusement parks by himself…and my fear is that if his organization gets into trouble, all of his parks will close, as almost happened when Apex failed. I’m really happy to see there’s someone else out there apparently working from his playbook.

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I think that's right - good stuff is happening at Indiana Beach and Niagara, but Clementon Lake seems stuck in low gear. Taking on yet another project seems like the last thing he needs to do.

The park announced today that the investors dropped out and they are going into liquidation. Oops.

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