Joyland, Witcha, Kansas

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On Friday July 5th me and my finacee Jakenna, went to this little traditional park tucked into the middle of Witcha. All I can say about this park is WOW! It was really cool. We got to the park about 6:30 p.m. and me and her headed straight to Roller Coaster. This is truly a gem. We had to wait about 10 minutes for a ride. I got into the last seat and waited as the ride op released the hand brake. The station is slanted downward into a curve and lift hill. This ride had great air. With a loosen seat belt and hands in the air I had an awesome ride on this woodie.

Next we headed for one of my favorite flat rides, the Tilt A Whril. I got our car really spinning (Jakenna didn't know you could get them spinning like that). After that we went on a dark ride. This was my biggest wait. They only had three out of eight cars running on this thing. (I know it had eight cars because of the numbering of the cars.) After this we went to the Go Karts. Which is placed WAY back into the park. The Go Karts were not that fast and an overall dissapointment. So I went back to the coaster and then left. (We didn't have a lot of time to kill at the park.)

Before I left I found the manager and owner of the park and gave them a huge Thumbs up. Next time I am in Witcha I am going back and riding Roller Coaster in the dark.


That sounds fun!

-Sean Newman
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Glad you had a great time Mike!

Good Times!! Good Times!!

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Man...I was on a tornado chasing trip a few years back. Although we drove through Witchita twice, Oklahoma city twice, Dallas once, and tantilizingly close to Kansas city, we were too busy chasing to ride the coasters. I'm ENVIOUS! Then again, the storms were nothing to laugh it. I'll take an earthquake...small one that is...any day.

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