Jolly Roger's Avalanche for sale

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After only operating for about 1 season, Jolly Roger has put their Schwarzkopf Wildcat up for sale on Rides4U. There's only a handful of these left. I hope it finds a good home.

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I think Coaster Buzz should create an amusement park and buy up some of these rides.

Then again, we'd never get past Lo-Q and capacity debates.

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That was the Wildcat from Bell's, huh? I imagine it's probably still in pretty decent shape, not having been torn down and relocated a bunch of times...

Might be a nice "interim" steel coaster for some park in Central PA (convenient to MD)... ;~P

I have a childhood fantasy of having one of these in my backyard. This goes back to my love and dozens of laps on the long defunct Riverside (SFNE) Wildcat.

For only 169,000 bucks, Cropsey, it can be yours. Actually, that doesn't seem too bad.
I've never seen this ride in person, but from these distant photos it seems to be one of the earlier Wildcat models and slightly different than the one I'm most familiar with. (Cedar Point's) On this one the crossovers are different, the second drop doesn't go to the ground, and there's no flat spot after the little swoop turn. I guess Schwartzkopf had several different models of the Wildcat layout available, and to me this one looks not to be the best one.

I wouldn't mind seeing it going to Playland in Ocean City, NJ to replace their Pinfari Looper (which was listed for sale and might still be). There are few coasters that I have ridden that are so horrible that I'm not willing to ride anymore, that coaster is one of them.

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It was my favorite ride at riverside park and at CP. I would like to see it relocated instead of scrapped.

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