Jolly Roger Question.

My friends and I are going to Ocean City next Sat and are wondering if you can buy individual tickets at the Jolly Roger parks. On the website it only has prices for group passes. Also does anyone know if the Flitzer opened there yet?
You can buy individual ride tickets, ride all day tickets, or ride and slide all day tickets.
You need to get the Pirate Pass, or whatever the debit card is. Good for JR, and the Jolly Pier.

I like the waterpark, but the lifeguard who was snoring while on wave pool duty was unnerving.

Is the debit card along the lines of what Morey's Piers is doing with the Mor-EZ Pass, or whatever they're calling it?
Yes. Arrrrrrhh.
I take it you're not a fan?
I go to OC every year but I stopped going to JR because their prices are rediculous. I spent a chunk of change on kiddie rides a few years ago for my kids and the money just seemed to fly away. Trimpers is somewhat more affordable but we actually like Funland up in Rehobeth Beach, DE because the prices are better. No coasters there though. :(

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^^ LOL Rob, I took AJ as playing on the idea of "Pirate Pass".

First time I ran into these was at Rye, where they seemed to work VERY well - of course, littered expired cards were *everywhere*...

^Tom, if you go past Blue Diamond on the way to OC, reports coming back are saying that it's a real up-and-coming park, and well worth a visit.

Ah ok. Makes sense. I was just assuming he had a negative opinion of the debit cards because I know of a lot of people that do. The whole pirate thing makes sense to this dense mind of mine that isn't firing on all cylinders on a Thursday afternoon ;)
Thanks guys! So does anyone know if the new coasters open? Also does anyone know how much individual tickets are and what it costs to ride a coaster?
^^^Thanks Gator, We did go by BD on our first few trips to OC but I take a different route down there now, though at only 4 bucks a pop AND a Skydiver it is tempting. The first part of our vacation is at Dorney Park, for two days, with a cabana. I'm pretty sure my wife will have had it with rides at that point in time and with a limited time frame to get to our rental agent to get the keys to our condo with no hassle(we were late once, not fun), unless we leave Allentown at 5AM, I just can't see it happening. :)

My daughter also needs to grow 1/2 an inch in a month to hit 48", I am getting desperate! :)


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

We were at both Jolly Roger parks yesterday 6/21. You can purchase credits for individual rides. What you get is a credit card with the amount of credit purchased scanned onto it. The price for most rides is 3.50 per rider.

As for the Flitzer at the amusement park location, now named Racing Coaster, the track is up but the ride is not open yet. No sign of any cars on the track yet. A closer look at the track and we saw bolts still laying around and a tangle of wires at the control box. That told us there was no hope for us to ride. We didn't plan to ride anything but coasters so it was one Wacky Worm and back on the road.

I never even knew about the park getting another coaster.
The Wild Mouse was sold at the end of last year and this flitzer was to take it's place. Since it was purchased from a traveling show you wouldn't think getting it going would be that tough, but looks like there may be some maint. issues.
Makes sense, because I didn't know the mouse was no longer there.

Looks like I'm going to have to make a side trip to OC when in Wildwood next month, especially with the uncertainty surrounding Trimper's.

We did Trimpers too, of course. It was busier than Jolly Roger and seemed to be doing very well. Hope they can work out their tax issues and stay operating.
I hope so. I still think that the statement by the park earlier this year was to put pressure on the local government to reduce the park's taxes, but you never know. I'm tired of saying, "next year" about a park, only to find that it's not open next year.

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