John Wardley brings us the latest AIR construction photos

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The designer of the newest Alton Towers creation, Air, the first B&M flyer, brings us photos from inside the park showing how construction is going on the third B&M to hit this Staffordshire park.

The photos show the tunnel which the coaster dives through, the station showing the theme coming together pretty well as well as shots inside the station showing the dual tracks.

Visit John Wardley's site then click on the button "Site Works" on the left.

Looks like its going to be an awesome ride.
I'm so lucky to be having one of these so close to home, 25min away at SFOG.
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Will someone PLEASE tell me where it is confirmed that is will be a flyer at SFOG.  NOWHERE!  That's what I thought.
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The track at SFoG definitely looks like that of a B&M flying coaster to me (look at the rail thickness, not the track gauge).

As for the AIR pics, it's nice how John Wardley always presents us with a new perspective on a ride (not difficult considering his position, I know, but still good of him!)  The thing I like about this set of photographs is they really show how tall and impressive the station is.

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Coaster131 -

That's like saying there wasn't a "confirmation" of Nitro when the track was showing up left and right, and they were building the hammerhead, lift, and drop.

Sure, the park hasn't announced it officially, but anyone with half a brain can see that all the proof of a flyer is right there.  Even IOARules didn't believe it long ago, but since the proof has been shown, he's seen the light.

Lemme guess, SFNE isn't building a floorless, right?

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Right, SFNE is building an Inverted Stand-Up. ;)

AIR looks excellent. I'm not used to seeing the thick rails. You'd think John could afford a high-res camera. :)

I don't think so, Thoussads used all their pocket money to buy a little park in Germany...

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