Joe Cool Club

Sunday, October 8, 2000 11:59 AM
Hmm...heres a great new idea for Cedar Point to supposedly reward their season pass holders, or at least in my opinion, to rip more people off.

Cedar Point has come up with a new season pass program for next year called the "Joe Cool Club." For either spending an extra $15 or buying a Combo Pass(CP and Soak City) , members get advantages like ERT and an opportunity to buy a parking pass that you can move from car to car (instead of windshield stickers).

Now I bet the ERT will be a joke, like one or two dates for a few hours, but then again, I could be wrong. Maybe they really do plan on rewarding season pass holders. Still, why not just reward them and not try to charge them an extra $15?

I just bought a regular season pass for next year and would like to know if anyone bought the "Joe Cool Club" pass. And if they did, I'd like to know how CP worked out that parking pass. We'll find out how much ERT CP will actually give Joe Cool members next spring. And do other parks have "preferred passes" like this?
Sunday, October 8, 2000 1:23 PM
I didnt buy any pass but I can tell you how they can do the parking thing. Either you get an ID type card that you show at the booth. Or they'll give a placard that could hang from your rear-view mirror (that's what they did at my college).
Sunday, October 8, 2000 6:13 PM
From what I've heard, the parking pass will be an endorsement on your season pass -- you show the season pass at the parking entrance gate, and off you go, in any car you're in... (Now, this makes me wonder how that'll work for people in cars with tinted windows -- are they going to still ask to see that passholder to verify they're in that car? ;) )


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