Jes becomes a Knott's Scary Farm Ghoul (Pics!)

Thursday, October 17, 2002 2:02 PM

Well, here they are, the before and after pictures of CoasterBuzz's own Jes, transforming into a Knott's Scary Farm Ghoul!

Before and After

After the main rush of regular ghouls had been made up, me, my friend and his sister checked in at 8:00. First, costumes were selected for the three of us. After these had been selected, it was time for make-up. The day before, two of the make-up artists had selected masks for us. When we came in, the masks were glued on to our faces, and the make-up artists began airbrushing. About 1 hour after the whole process had started, we were ready to hit the midways!

Our first stop was the Hanging, where we played "extras" in the show. We followed the caravan of monsters who escorted the witch to the stage. After that, we were on stage cheering on the witch hanging, and our cue to leave was "She made us watch the Devine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood." After viewing the rest of the show from the pit, it was time to hit the midways for some good 'ol scaring!

We proceeded to Ghost Town and found a part of the midway that was full of Fog. I found a great spot behind a fog machine, so that I could jump out of the fog and scare passers-by. I had so much fun scaring people along the midways, the next day when I was at the haunt, I was no longer in costume, but I had to hold my self back from scaring the guests! Being a ghoul at Knott’s is definitely one of my favorite amusement park experiences.

At about 12:30, we started heading back to the Haunt wardrobe. Little did we know before going in to make-up, it takes almost as long to put the costumes on as it does to take them off! Ahh! And the paint that was airbrushed on was just about impossible to get off. Two days after being a ghoul, I still had what looked like eye shadow under my eyes. And boy-oh-boy did that clue clean out my pores.

But all in all, being a Knott’s Scary Farm ghoul made my trip the best vacation I’ve ever had. I’d like to thank everyone that helped us out: Vince (A slider) who took a night out of scaring to help the three of us around, and especially “Alpha 1”, who arranged everything for us! Thanks a million! The three of us had a great time!

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Six Flags Worlds Of Adventure 2002 Ride-Ops Crew (Have Fun Trying To Find Me!)

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*** This post was edited by Zero-G on 10/17/2002. ***

*** This post was edited by Zero-G on 10/17/2002. ***


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