Jersey Superman nearing first flight as opening day looms

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Six Flags Great Adventure's Superman: Ultimate Flight is in the final stages of construction in preparation for opening day. For more information and pictures, visit Grat Adventure Source.

Link: The Great Adventure Source

Wow, Its looking really good. I really like how the station is coming out. Also if you guys want to see it in action go to . They have pics of it testing with water dummys. Also i have a question, why couldn't they have gotten it ready for opening day? Is it because the weather? Or they did the delay opening on purpose?*** This post was edited by TopThrillMan 3/28/2003 9:55:17 AM ***
Is it certain that the ride will not be open for opening day?

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Yes. The calendar/coupon book as well as tons of other official releases have the "launch" date as 4/17. They're also giving season pass holders 3 hrs. of night ERT and holding media day that morning.

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3 hrs ERT? Wow, that's impressive for Six Flags. Have they finally learned how to make their repeat customers happy? Too bad i already took the time off work for opening weekend...

Maybe i'll have to make a day trip on the 17th as well...


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