Jenkinson's-Seaside Heights-Ocean City NJ-8/30/05

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This was my second trip to the area. Hit Pt Pleassnt Beach around 1pm. Got the wristband and headed to the Funhouse. Still a kicker. 8/10. Went through the Aquarium. Penguins were napping. 7/10. I love the place, but I need to see Penguins.

They built this awesome new 36 hole golf course, for $9 a go. Rain was coming, or I would have paid. It was a jungle themed course. Spectacular. Rode the rennovated Flitzer. 7/10. Played a few games, gave away the prizes to the kids, and moved south to ...

Arrived at Seaside Heights at 2:30pm. Rode the Crikey it is long 25 minute skyway. I could have taken a solid nap. 8/10. All new supports and structure from 2 years ago. Walked Casino Pier. Centerpiece is a rehabed Huss Enterprise. It looks great. Lunch in Jimbo's. Fajitas with butterfly fries. 9/10.

Played a wheel and won a 'Dogs playing poker' light up sign with neon. 10/10. Waked down to Funtown Pier. They have the relocated Mighty Mouse from Castaway Cove. Played some retro-80's games in the Carousel FEC on the pier. Got blisters from Track and Field. Got high score too. 8/10.

Back in car to Ocean City, NJ. Walked to Gillians. Still looks depressing there. No coaster means no action. Walked back to Playland, and rode the new Sattori Jumper again. What a ride. 8/10. Double Shot. 8/10. I like the fact that 95% of all the rides in this park are like, less than 5 yrs, old. They all look like they were just unpacked.

Too bad it was too windy, as the beach was not used. Overall day off. 8/10. Dogs playing poker!

I don't know why Gillian's got rid of their City Jet coaster. It was a nice ride for a somewhat small coaster and there aren't that many rides like it running anymore. Their new coaster doesn't sound too exciting either.

It's a shame because now Gillian's only has the 2 kiddy coasters and with the Mighty Mouse gone from Playland (I guess Playland thought 2 coasters was enough?), they are just left with Python and Flitzer.

I just wish one of the parks would get a somewhat bigger coaster but I don't think it will happen especailly due to space issues *** Edited 9/11/2005 12:31:07 AM UTC by YoshiFan***

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Im glad i took a trip out there in 2003! we had all kinds of stuff to see and ride.

I also got a tour of Whalom Park, on the inside!

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