Jeff on Sirius radio Wednesday morning

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You know how these things get bumped around, but the plan is to be on Sirius radio channel 114 tomorrow (5/16) between 8:30 and 9am, on "Be Happy, Dammit!" The encore is at 8 in the evening. The channel is Lime.

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For those of us who've yet to spring for Satellite Radio yet, what type of show is it? And, if it is ok with the shows producers, would someone be able to save and post it?

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Did you really refer to yourself in 3rd person?
I've been waiting for a compelling reason to get satellite radio.

I'm still waiting. ;)

What are you going to be talking about?
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Coasters and being happy, dammit.

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^ Lol.

millrace said:
I've been waiting for a compelling reason to get satellite radio.

I was in California Last Week and had it in my Rental. It was nice being able to listen to the Cavs Nets game while I was there. Based on how much I travel by Car, I've been seriously considering getting it. *** Edited 5/15/2007 8:11:11 PM UTC by Jason Hammond***

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mill, you're just being persnickety.

Actually, Motley Fool (I almost typed in Crew) recently had an article about satellite. But the author wasn't too keen on it.

Rather (I almost typed Dan), I know. I just wanted to take advantage of the chance to make fun of the webmaster. :)

How does Motely Crew feel about satellite?

I don't know how Sirius would feel about it, but I record the Stern show every day for my own use, I could easily set my recorder to tape the show and maybe email it to folks who ask? Jeff, do you think that would be cool? If so, drop me an email,

And by the way, until you have satellite, you probably won't think much of it, but just take a listen for one week and just TRY and go back to commercials, repetitive playlists, mixed-genre stations, commercials, censorship, commercials, "pop"-only playlists, and oh yea, have I mentioned commercials and censorship?

If for no other reason, than how about this: do you think you'd EVER hear a radio program about coasters on terrestrial radio? I think not ...

Edit: Since your original air will be during the Howard Stern show roast of Andy Dick (starring Colin Quinn, Dave Attell, Greg Fitzimmons, Artie Lang and others ... again, you want to listen to terrestrial radio, why?) I will record the later broadcast if you're interested in getting a copy of the file.

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I have XM, and wouldn't go back to regular radio, for several reasons. Zero commercials and genre specific channels are the biggest ones.

I also enjoy the talk stations (including Opie and Anthony), and CNN/Fox news simulcasts are nice as well.


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The show will be posted somewhere as a podcast, so I'm sure it can be picked up at some later point.

Terrestrial radio has sucked every since I left it. ;) Seriously though, when Washington was on its deregulation craze in the 90's, and lifted ownership limits on radio, that was the beginning of the end. It killed local radio.

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Local radio? How quaint.

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Well the funny thing is, the only thing I've listened to on Sirius was a local broadcast of the Cavs when I was in California. They played it on the NBA station.

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Sirius is a wonderful thing. That's one purchase I've never, ever regretted. I'll have to catch the replay tonight.

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Good thing I got (2) Sirius radios... bad thing I work in the evening... and morning... today, so I'm going to miss the actual broadcasts of it.

I somehow kinda skim over Lime "Healthy living with a twist".... that might be it. If it isn't Stern, a comedy channel, NFL, or music... I'm usually tuned out.

Terrestrial radio still is dominant, and is good for LOCAL coverage with your local 'shock-jocks' & talk-radio...

...but honestly, Maxium radio and the rest of Sirius almost seems to make me forget & not care 'cause of the vast variety.

Howard 100, Backspin 43, and Blue Collar Radio 103 are worth the subscription costs alone. I wish I would have seen this earlier as I would have brought my portable Sirius to work today (having a window office rules).

I literally cant stand to listen to regular radio anymore. It's so bad, on a recent trip where I rented a car, I took my 'home kit' antenna and duct-tapped it to the rental car dashboard just so I could still listen to my Sirius.

I mainly listen to Howard 100 & 101 (I like Bubba's show from time to time) and the rock stations (I admit to listening to Hard Attack but I won't admit to listening to the 80's station)- those things alone are worth the price of admission to satellite radio. I can't stand regular radio anymore- the NYC/northern NJ market lacks a great rock radio station and the stations we have repeat the same songs every hour. Total crap.

While on the subject, does anyone with Sirius have occasional problems with a weak signal? I've tried moving the roof-mounted unit around but other people I talk to claim to have the same problem from time to time. I understand XM users never have that problem- not that I'm thinking of switching. Good thing my new car will have Sirius built into it- no more weird thing attached to my windshield with a bunch of wires running every which way!

I have occasional Acquiring signal messages with my Sirius radio. Maybe these will go away if the proposed merger of XM and Sirius happens. Not that I believe it will happen due to Federal Regulations.

As for what stations I listen to I'll plead the fifth since my music tastes vary with the day. ESPN Radio in the morning for Mike and Mike is a good start of the day.

I have been known to pack up my car kit and take it with me to other cars cause I can't stand regular radio anymore.

Anyone that heard the Jeff segment want to comment on it? I couldn't listen yet cause I can't get signal in the office. Dang double pane security glass in a hospital environment. I will try to remember to catch the replay tonight. Otherwise I'll be hitting up the podcast of this segment.

Watch the tram car please....

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