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Tuesday, September 5, 2000 5:53 PM
My wife and I visited Jazzland in New Orleans on Sept. 2,2000. I was really excited to go there and ride the new Mega Zeph coaster. When we arrived, I was really suprised at how small the park was....it looked bigger on their website! The park was not very crowded....hardly any cars in the lot. I went right to the Mega Zeph and rode on the first train of the day. It was a very good ride....when it was operating. The third time on we got stuck halfway up the lift hill for about ten minutes. Then we got stuck just below the crest for another ten minutes. And since it wasn't operating correctly, we had to get off the train at the braking station and walk to the exit platform. I rode it 3 more times in the afternoon after another breakdown. Then it was just too hot to stay there any longer. There is very little shade and only two small concessions with inside seating. Lots of places to eat outside though, if you like eating in 99 degree heat! Because of the small size of the park, if the Mega Zeph coaster is down there is little else for a coaster enthusiast to do. Even the t-shirts were boring. I would have to say that my experience at Jazzland left something to be desired. But the coaster is a lot of fun.

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