Japanese Tsunami - CNN Video of coaster at beach?

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I think it's an illusion. Looks like part of the hillside is cut away and that's just the shape that it took.

Aside from that, good God what those people are going through. All those houses picked up and swirling around like bath toys. Can't imagine what they could possibly be feeling.


I know one thing, That video there shows about ten people getting clearly killed

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Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

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....and the unpleasant. Good grief!

Nice comments, Charles about pointing out the horrible things happening to other people.

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Bill, those are concrete blocks that the Japanese use to shore up hillsides, and to prevent landslides. They also use the same blocks to line rivers and shorelines. I've often wondered why they do this and remove the natural look, but they do it EVERYWHERE.

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Yeah well, maybe shouldn't post videos containing people getting killed. I was a shocked as anyone looking for a coaster in the vid and seeing people getting blindsided

I'm with Chuck on this. I don't see why anybody is giving him flack. This is a freaking human tragedy, and he rightly pointed it out.

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Because it's not obvious that people died?

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Because it's such a terrible thing preserved on video that it must be pointed out.

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I don't care if there are 5000 videos of it posted up on this thing we call the web, unless your living under a rock we all know people died. I for one don't need to get on this site and be told about it. I felt he was a little insensitive on the subject.

As a side note, I am impressed with the way the Japanese people are handling themselves. If this same thing happened in America, there would be rioting, looting and mass panic, as partially seen after Hurricane Katrina. Kudos to the Japanese for going through what they have and not be rioting.

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All I know is the last thing we need to be worrying about in Japan is the state of the amusement rides there. There are millions of people displaced right now in cold temperatures without electricity and without supplies or a roof over their head. On top of that they have a nuclear plant that is ready to blow sky high and they are expecting another quake and tsunami.

Certain victory.

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∧ Like!

Please see my signature if you want to donate $5 or so to Japan aid. If everyone here gave up a meal at McDonald's, or a trip to the movies, and instead donated that money to help these poor people, the world would be a better place. :)

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If anyone's a member of Groupon-knockoff Living Social, today they're making $10 donations to the Red Cross for $5.


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