Jackson, New Jersey still waiting for development around Six Flags Great Adventure

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As Six Flags Great Adventure opens for its 44th season, elected officials think they are finally taking steps that would attract developers who want to build hotels and restaurants on Route 537, bringing ancillary businesses that are part and parcel to just about every other giant amusement park in America. The closest brand-name hotel is nine miles away.

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Finally, after all these years, we can revisit the "if they could support a hotel, they'd already have one" meme.

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Agreed, it's long overdue. It's been at least, what...three, four days?

What's this? They don't even have a hotel?

...but why? Seriously. I've yet to see an outlet mall that doesn't have a hotel nearby, nor a major amusement park. Jackson qualifies on both fronts.

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Wasn't the main reason for no hotel near Great Adventure because it would be cost prohibitive to expand the water grid to the property, or something like that?

A hotel near Great Adventure will make a killing. Two separate gates, a theme park and a water park, creates overnight guests. A hotel would increase visitors who stay longer then one day. It would turn Great Adventure from a theme park and a water park into a vacation destination. It might even bring interest from other amusement attraction companies to consider expanding into the area.

It's kind of exciting to see how this hotel would affect Jackson, and the park.


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They've been waiting since 1975 to see if the park will make it!

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