J2 at Clementon

Advice needed please. Is J2 at Clementon Park currently operational? There's nothing to suggest otherwise on the park's website; however I'm on the other side of the Atlantic and a bit of local knowledge wouldn't go amiss :) Thanks.
It was not running this past weekend (8/4, 8/5) during the preservation conference. The park was unable to provide us with any additional information when we called. This past weekend was my fourth visit to the area, and I've yet to ride anything in that park.

Good luck!

I've heard its been down for sometime and might possible open end of the month. I've also heard its down for the year.

You best bet is to call the park.


J2 opened today at 5:30! trust me i know!

big things for 2008-2010!
Jswiga said,

J2 opened today at 5:30! trust me i know!

How are you so sure? :)

Jswiga is good. He's closer to the park and ride I've learned.

I can never stop plugging J2/Tsunami. Great ride.

lol, thanks chiller. im sure cause im the one that opened it.

big things for 2008-2010!
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^Just out of curiosity, Jswiga...

Have you seen this? http://www.coasterbuzz.com/forum.aspx?mode=thread&TopicID=47572

Not sure if she's still looking for assistance or not, but I thought you might be able to help her...and get your name in the paper...LOL!

Oh, and THANKS...nice to have that beast of a ride open again... :)

I just Called the park 856 783-0263
and YES as Jswiga said it is open

BUT the park is Closed till 5pm today Thursday 8-9-2007

ALWAYS Call ahead before leaving your home or heading to the park.
and the park closes if it starts to rain


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I rode J2 today and what a ride that is! Totally out of control fast. I went with a few friends and we had a fantastic time at that park. Lines were not long, didn't cost that much to get in. I also heard that there are big plans for expansion and sprucing up the park for next year and beyond. The park is being sold and all of the employees are talking about it. Very good news for the future of Clementon. Lets go for more water and another great coaster! One employee said there are going to be significantly more operating days in 2008!
I may go tonight or Tomorrow night
At least I'm not the only one Talking about the park being sold.
Everyone in Clementon is and openly IN the park the employees are talking it up.
Us locals are very excited about this.


I think the sale of the park is pretty much confirmed and all we're waiting for is an actual article to link to.
Tsunami / J2 was kicking butt last night Sunday 8-12-07
I got about 15 + rides in 2 hours

Talk was that the Rumored "News" of the New ownership should be out Today Monday 8-13.

I will hold off on the other NEW news I know of and confirmed but can't post it here.

Or Maybe I will write an article and supply a link

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