iZ3D with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 (3D RCT on PC)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 1:32 AM
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I recently upgraded my PC and RCT3 Now works very well with very little lag and since my new PC monitor supports Polarized 3D with Horizontal lines. The monitor came with 3D software called Tridef but the 3D quality in RCT3 was buggy. The 3D would work but the lights objects float around giving me an unneeded headache with it. That Tridef driver didn't want to work with Flight Sim X either, but it still worked with my copy of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I am wondering if something was not right with my AMD Radeon Crossfired Video Cards. But I did manage to find an Alternate 3D driver called iZ3d and I tried that out and it works perfectly in Flight Sim X and RCT 3, but it doesn't work right in GTA: SA from my current settings.

What I find interesting about iZ3D is that it supports virtually all styles of 3D formats from the Classic Red/Cyan Style which you don't need a special monitor for all the way up to The Shutter Styles in some more fancy monitors like the PlayStation Moniter.

Now has anyone tried any of those 3D Drivers to run RCT 3 in 3D and if so what settings did you use? On my RCT 3 using iZ3D drivers I have the following settings: Convergence = 4.6547, Separation = 2.50, and AutoFocus OFF in Horizontal Line Polarized 3D mode. If anyone has any better settings for this software please tell me.

I know for one thing RCT 3 in 3D is a pretty intense experience. The only downside to those 2 drivers I mentioned is that they do not convert Open GL graphics into 3D meaning I can't play No Limits in 3d sadly unless someone release a driver software that can make Open GL into 3D. :(

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