Its the Great Pumpkin Connie Otter!

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Saturday, October 14th, Great Pumpkin Festival. Snow flurries 930am. Not promising. No shorts today.

Actually walked Conneaut Lake Park the previous evening in mist and rain. Not much action. Arrived about 11am Saturday to decent crowds.

Took several rides on the Blue Streak. Last seat was 'very aggressive', but front was smooth. 9/10. Those Vettle trains are rippin fast. Yes, even in the rain.

Toured the Hotel Conneaut, which was packed. Had some kind of beef sandwich, being sold as 'steak'. Agent Johnson is in foodservice, and that was not steak. 1/10. Went to another vendor by the Beach Club, and had a London Broil. That was beef, and it was good. 10/10.

Cheese fries from another vendor up the midway. Hot and fresh. 7/10. Awesome apple and cherry studel across from the Blue Streak. 10/10.

What games that were open, they were good looking and the staff was friendly. Actually, a good bit of staff was friendly, imcluding the volunteers.

I think this is a good gig for the park, with the vendors, and the information being distributed on the new dark ride. You have to appreciate a park with a shotgun raffle. More parks should stop being sissies and push the envelope.

Seems the Blue Streak, Tumble Bug, and Bumper Cars got a work out all day. I hear the haunted train is great, but I did not stay. Anyone else out there ride it? Overall, 8/10.

Who is up for the 'Holiday in the Park'?

I was thinking of doing Holiday in the park this year. (seeing as how nixed to Zoo Lights: still po'd abouty that.)

Nice TR. yeah, i wondered about the 'steak' sandwiches when we went this summer. I've always loved their fries, though. And i HATE fries, so that's saying something.

Shotgun raffle??? LOL, gotta love that.

Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


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