Its A Bird...Plane...SBNO? (SFWoA 7/19)

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Rides Ridden:
X-Flight - 3 circuits
Batman: Knight Flight: 3 circuits
Serial Thriller: 2 circuits
Big Dipper: 2 circuits
Mind Eraser: 2 circuits
Raging Wolf Bobs: 1 circuit
Villian: 1 circuit
Double Loop: 1 circuit
Superman: Ultimate Escape: 0 circuit

Ride Ops & Workers: Friendly

Hours Attended: Open To Close (10am - 10pm)

Q-Bot: Used After 3:30pm

We arrived at the park at 9:30am, after parking, we got in line for our tickets to be checked. We ended up waiting for 10 minutes once we got inside the park for the actual line to be let through. First ride we hit was X-Flight.

-- X-Flight -- Rating: 10 / 10
1st circuit - First ride, ran to it. Waited about 20 minutes for the ride (because we waited for front [which doesn't make a difference]). The first flip after the lift is amazing! For my first ever flyer, great experience. After the ride was over, I wanted to ride again, knowing that if I wanted to ride more than just that an a couple other coasters, I wanted to get Q-bot.

2nd circuit - After getting the Q-bot, we got on about 5:41. Awesome ride, but the green side of the station was down and they were working on the first seat (primarily the locking system) which is the seat / train / car we rode earlier.

3rd circuit - 2nd to last ride, awesome, very cooling. The line was huge. Now the blue side of the station was shut down, and the front car for the green train was blocked off from riding.

-- Mind Eraser -- Rating: 7 / 10 (7 / 10 + 7 / 10 = 7 / 10)
1st circuit - First ever Vekoma boomerang coaster. Fun, but a little bit of head banging going forward, backwards, very smooth! I like shuttles, and this one ranks up with them.

2nd circuit - Same as the first, rode around about 3:45. Nice ride. Rode front seat, very fun and intense backwards.

-- Superman: Ultimate Escape -- Rating: N/A
After hitting Mind Eraser, I felt like riding S:UE, but after looking at it all morning, I didn't think I was going to. Correct. The coaster stayed down all day.

-- Big Dipper -- Rating: 7 / 10 (10 / 10 + 5 / 10 = 7 / 10)
1st circuit - Awesome airtime. Obviously not made for big people. The entrance to the cars is litterally 8 inches wide to get into the train. I got in with no problem, but i pitty the obeese people.

2nd circuit - This one hurt. Not a good ride except for the airtime.

-- Serial Thriller -- Rating: 6 / 10 (5 / 10 + 7 / 10 = 6 / 10)
1st circuit - All I can say is ouch, dang thats a rough coaster. Vekoma style roughness. Good thing the harnesses have a nice coushend (sp?) pad on each side.

2nd circuit - Still rough, but not that bad. A coaster is a coaster though, add it to the coaster count!

-- Batman: Knight Flight -- 10 / 10 (3 X 10 / 10 = 10 / 10)
1st circuit - Front seat is the only seat. You can see everything and what a gust of wind you get. Awesome air! Very fun

2nd circuit - Not as fun. We got in the middle of the train. Don't get me wrong, great ride, but not as fun, still a 10 though.

3rd circuit - Last ride of the night, very cooling, awesome ride at night..unexplainable.

-- Raging Wolf Bobs -- 7 / 10
Gravity Group better get back out here soon... The first half of the ride is terribly rough. Hurt my back until we hit mid-ride. Dang. I can't wait for a woodie from Gravity Group. The second half was smooth as glass. The turn near the station feels like its on a steel coaster such a smooth flowing turn not a pulsing turn. Awesome last half. I can't wait till GG totally retracks this.

-- Villian -- 3 / 10
Rough beyond reasoning. Do I need to explain more? Gravity Group better retrack this too. ;)

-- Double Loop -- 6 / 10
Not that bad for an older Arrow. Fun, but not worth the wait.


X-Flight - (1st ride) 20 minutes (2nd ride) 5 min. [2 hr. 5 min. without Q-Bot] (3rd ride) 15 min. [2 hr. 15 min. without Q-Bot]

Mind Eraser - (1st ride) 5 minutes (2nd ride) 30 minutes

Serial Thriller - (1st ride) 25 minutes (2nd ride) 20 minutes

Batman Knight Flight - (1st ride) 1 hour (2nd ride) 10 minutes [1 hr. 40 min. without Q-bot] (3rd ride) 15 mins [2 hr. 10 min. without Q-bot]

Raging Wolf Bobs - 30 minutes

Villian - 20 minutes

Double Loop - 15 minutes

Got: Strawberry Frozen Lemonade - Awesome, get one!
Taco Bell Nachos and Cheese - Worth the $4.25 compared to some of the other prices

One last thing. Has "Texas Twister" been down all year? Yesterday, the passenger part of the ride was just sitting on the ground halfway covered by apron and not even connected to the swinger arms.

Shaun Rajewski

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Oh man! S:UE was SBNO for more than one day!? somebody better call the CPO (formly CPC) - they don't deserve to have it!

We can't buy more time, cause time won't accept our money. -Bad Religion

I am glad you had a good visit. The park was so crowded yesterday; the most crowded I have ever seen it. Every midway, on both sides, were packed! That Q-Bot really paid off, huh? Mind Eraser at 3:45? Hm, you must have walked right by me (Lo-Q line attendant).

-Bubba "I can see Canadaaaahh!"

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Now that I talked to you, I remember talking to you in line, kinda wierd... but cool :)

Shaun Rajewski

I can't beleive that anyone would wait 30minutes for RWB's! WOW! j/k - sounds like you had fun at the park.... nice TR
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If I knew how rough the first half was I wouldn't have waited 30 minutes!

Shaun Rajewski

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