Italian Job riders face roadblocks

Just read this article about the new ride at PKI, talks about getting there early if you want to ride it.

Army Rangers lead the way
The link doesn't work because the last part is not in it. You'll have to type the whole thing out for it to work.

Here ya go,

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i'm not sure what to put here..

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Cedar Point did that with Millennium Force and eventually they came to their senses and dropped the program. This kind of system basically denies anyone that comes to the park for the evening from riding. I don't live near PKI, so I don't know what their attendance patterns are, but I know at CP this severely disadvantaged starlight admission people and season pass folks that dropped by for a couple of hours after work.

I really think that the first step in queue management is maximizing your capacity. I don't visit PKI enough to know how they're doing on that, but they've come a long way since the disaster of 2000. Some crews still aren't great, but on the whole they do a much better job.

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See, you know what I dont understand about all this, is why does PKI use this system but not PCW. PCW just opens the ride like any other. We've even gotten rid of the Single Rider Line as well as its really a waste of time and longer to wait anyways.

I am happy that we have it like any other line, it gets big, you wait longer, that's part of going to a park. All these fast pass, e-pass and this reservation ticket stuff seems really, I dont know, almost unfair.

Ya I agree, if I took a trip to a park in the US, like Disney, I'd want to ride everything I could in the time I am there, and a fast pass would help me, but what about those people who wait in line? Essentially you are cutting in front of them just because you chose to pay a few extra dollars.

I truly think all of these systems, although convienent for out of town visitors, are unfair to locals. Just open the line like everything else in the park.

Of course, these are just my two cents.


You just described my entire disappointment with any fastpass (particularly Disney’s though) system. As a morning person, and an educated guest I always get to parks early and take advantage of these types of systems. I even dare say I’ve benefited greatly in terms of line wait times. I still cannot stand what they have done to “evening” visits to the park. You can no longer go with any reasonable expectation of having an opportunity to ride any popular ride. There is many a time I no longer make evening trips to Disney parks because I know I can’t get on a major attraction.

I’m sure the parks know the costs/benefits for these types of systems. They lose money from guys like me who leave early and/or never come during the evening hours because of these systems.

Lines suck…but I still think the first-come-first-serve is the best way to go…

I don't like this system, but I guess if a park the size of PKI is going to install a coaster with 12 seat trains, they have to try something.
They haven't already scrapped that nonsense at PKI?

I was at the park last Sunday. The way they were handling it was beyond stupid. They were handing out tickets at well below the ride's operating capacity, with the result that most of the time the station was empty...and yet, instead of having people enter the queue through the short-cut entrance they are planning to use for gold-pass tickets later in the season, they were making people walk all the way down to the maze, through the first loop of the maze, back up the hill and over the bridge to the station (those people who didn't just duck under the railings, of course). The result was that people simply couldn't get from the midway to the station fast enough to keep the station loaded (let alone the trains) and every train went out with multiple empty seats, if not completely empty.

Meanwhile on the midway, attendants were turning people away because all the tickets had been distributed.

Seriously, the ticket system that Kings Island was using was so poorly operated, poorly thought out, and poorly managed that it made Cedar Point's 'Ticket to Ride' ticket system look intelligent by comparison. (note: two links there! The discussion seriously stressed that version of POP Forums!)

The official excuse given for the system kind of rings hollow, too. The park points out that the ride is in "technical rehearsal" (even though it has had its official grand opening) and that they are concerned about the ride going down. But the reality is that Italian Job appears to be the most reliable new coaster installation that Kings Island has had in decades, and yet it is the first new ride where they have tried to minimize the passenger load just in case it should break down.

What they really ought to do is open it up while they have smaller crowds (er, that will change this weekend...) and really push the ride to hit 960 PPH! I know it's technically possible, but they're never going to find out if they won't let any passengers into the station!

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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I was there on Monday 5/23 and the ticket signs were being taken down while I was walking back to the ride. The line never got longer than one cue row either. The ride is just so-so. It will bring people in though, and that is the main point. *** Edited 5/28/2005 4:29:30 AM UTC by Zanderdad***


The tickets are back in force today (we're at the hotel now letting wifey take a nap). It also opened late and broke down twice forcing them to empty the queue. I was in the queue both times and had to complain to get my old ticket back.

I got lucky and happened to be right there when they re-opened it and we got right on. It is a fun little ride.

--George H

Note to self: don't bother until BeastBuzz ERT.

Also, BTW the Ramada Inn Kings Island is a nice hotel and it has free wireless internet.

--George H

My hilton points are about to go poof, so I'll probably spend those instead.

Jeffrey R Smith said:

I’m sure the parks know the costs/benefits for these types of systems. They lose money from guys like me who leave early and/or never come during the evening hours because of these systems.

Did they relly lose money from you? Did you actually spend money during those evening visits? I know when I was an SFA passholder, I would pop in random evenings, but with my pass and parking pass, I didnt spend a dime more. I'm not sure I so much as bought a soda or some peanuts....

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Why so little capacity? As much as I LOVE PKI, I've got to ask myself, "What in the heck were they thinking?"

I asked myself the same thing when they put in Face off.

..And after my first and only ride on a certain mega-wooden coaster they recently built.

I get sad when my favorite park makes mistakes. :(

Well if the reaction I saw today was any indication, if they continue the ticketing system , Guest Relations will have a bigger line than IJ:ST.

I hadn't seen the park as busy as it was today this early in the summer season, but when all the local kiddies get out of jail... er, school... for the summer, I guess it's their first stop.

Anyway, signs were still out for 'Technical Rehearsals' when you enter, so the ticketing system is still in effect.I went back to IJ at 3pm and all the tickets to ride that day were gone by 1pm! On my way back I stopped at the Eiffel Tower booth to ask when they'd start handing out Season Pass 'Fastpasses' for IJST and she said Sunday, so maybe the rehearsal period ends after Saturday.

Tons of folks were being turned away, most very unhappy.

Interesting notes aside, with the ticketing system in place, the main queue (which is now covered with a yellow shading tarp, like TR:TR's queue) was FULL with pass holders. I now know for certain that queue was built too small, for when the ride opens without pass limits, I'd hate to see where the queue will snake to. They should've given themselves more room by actually USING the old Flyers location for something other than lawn.


Couple that with them taking out Percussion Master (don't ask ;) ) and it wasn't a good day at the park.

At least all of you Beastbuzzers will get to enjoy it, [sarc] provided they aren't handing out tickets for ERT at 7:30am. They might be gone by 9.... [/sarc] :)

I must...

Percussion Master??

What is it with PKI and making such short queues for their new attractions? The line for Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle almost always snakes around to the stroller area, and now it seems IJ:ST will do just the same. While I have yet to see Delirium spill out of the queue, I was surprised to see how short it is.

Anyone know a logical reason for this?

For one, guests are discourged from entering a line if the queue is "full", no matter how big it is.

We rode it on Wednesday and will openly admit that it was not worth the wait. While it is a cute ride, the headaches caused by the very unprofessional staff at the attraction created an atmosphere that we will not be revisiting in the near future. Very disappointed with the way the park is currently operating.

pkidelirium said:
I must...

Percussion Master??

Highly addictive drum game in the Coney gameroom.

Hopefully just in for repairs.

Brian Noble said:
For one, guests are discourged from entering a line if the queue is "full", no matter how big it is.

...and we all know how well that works too. :)

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