It has begun!

Just bought my Membership pass to Six Flags Great Adventure.

So far I have planned:

6/8 - Dorney CFK

6/9 - Six Flags Great Adventure.

6/28 - Ace day at Hershey

7/19-7/20 - Blast from the Past Conneaut Park

7/26 - Allegheny Mtn. Madness Lakemont Park

8/2 - Countdown to Ct.

8/3 - Luna Park Festival

8/10 - Ace day at Keansburg

8/16-8/17 - Coastin by the Ocean

9/6 - Riding of the Bull

10/4 - Phoenix Phall Funfest

10/5 - Coaster Madness

10/11 - Midwest Holiday Madness

12/6 - Coastin Through the Snow

6/21 - CoasterCOn at SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!

I work an hour away from SFGA so I can now leave work at 4, just run to the park to ride a ride or two, and go home! I cannot wait.

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You want a cookie?

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I want that schedule of events!

Tekwardo said:

You want a cookie?


I will be at Riding of the bull and 2015 coaster con :)

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A better thread title would be appreciated by all.

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Btw, I'm going to be at... Oh, who cares?

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