Is your local Six Flags Tornado missing its Cloverleaf tubes?

Yesterday I was in Hurricane Harbor at SFA and while waiting for a slide, a kid asked me where the yellow tubes were for the Tornado. I said I didn't know and noticed from the stairwell that feeds Mako and Hammerhead that there weren't any on the pickup platform, or coming out of the chute. All they offer now is Whirly Wheels which only seat two.

I'm sure there's a few conclusions that you could come to (too heavy to carry for most kids, takes up more space, takes more time to blow them up), but I've got to think this is a result of the impending litigation over the SFGAM "accident" from last year on their Tornado. Does anyone know for sure?

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I would think that four seaters would be a lot more stable than the two with more surface area on the slide.

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They still use the 4 seater cloverleaf tubes at Hurricane Harbor in Valencia, CA. *** Edited 8/17/2007 8:06:02 PM UTC by david m***

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Intamin Fan said:I've got to think this is a result of the impending litigation over the SFGAM "accident" from last year on their Tornado. Does anyone know for sure?

At SFGAm, they only have the 4 seater tubes. All of the green 2 seater tubes vanished after the incident.

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The local Tornado, at Super Aqua Club, only use the yellow cloverleaf tubes and they won't you ride unless there's 4 riders per tube. They have a behemoth bowl and another raft slide with the same rule. The green whirly wheel tubes are only used on one slide.

The park said they had that rule for better balance and to avoid injuries... Perhaps Six Flags should look at a rule like that?

Wasn't there an accident a month or so ago involving an unbalanced clover shaped tube? I remember some drama unfolding here on CosterBuzz concerning someone posting claiming that they witnessed the accident.
Whitewater had both types of tubes.

BTW, get in the 4 person line no matter what. It's always shorter.

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SFGAm just had the four seater tubes on the Tornado yesterday.

Maybe, they sent the accident prone tubes to SFA from SFGAm. I don't know.

KI's only has the four seat clover tubes, we've never had the two seaters.
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I haven't seen the whirly tubes at SFKK.....
Hurricane Harbor in Arlington Texas still has the four-seat cloverleaf tubes.
As pkidelirium said KI only has the four seat clover tubes, but when I was there last year they said that only two people were allowed at a time because the waterfall at the very beginning was turned off (due to customer complaints of...getting wet?!?!). Since it was off something about the pressure in the enclosed slide/speed into the bowl was dangerous with more than 2 people. Anyone seen or heard anything like this anywhere else.

Also, it's a water slide, you are going to get wet people!

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