Is X2 ready?

I am fortunate enough to be in San diego right now until Sunday and saturday I have nothing going on and thought about going to SFMM that day. My question is if x2 has opened yet. If not, is it worth going to without it? Or should I go to knotts instead?
X2 opens Memorial Day weekend, with previews sometime in May. So it won't be open this weekend. I'd say either park is worth a visit if you've got the free time. Knotts is probably closer to where you are however.
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No. X2 won't open until Memorial Day weekend at the earliest.

As for which park to choose, keep in mind that the drive times given on services such as Mapquest or Yahoo Maps will NOT be reliable. Without any traffic whatsoever Knotts is 2 hrs from San Diego; SFMM is another hour beyond that. Don't be fooled into thinking there will not be traffic on the weekends.

My advice: stay in San Diego, relax, and enjoy what that city has to offer.

My thing is that I haven't found anything I enjoy here. I'm from Ohio and its the offseason. I have an itch that needs scratched and something tells me the giant dipper or Atlantis will not satisfy that need. LOL so the question remains, SFMM or Knotts?
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How's about Mexico? ;)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

why would I want to go there? LOL
^ See, people that aren't from Southern California usually think "Fiestas, dirt roads, and small villages" or something out of The Three Amigos movie whenever Mexico is mentioned.

When someone here recommends a visit to Mexico, we usually mean Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel or Rosarito. AKA beautiful beaches, warm weather, snorkeling, bars open 24/7.

As for you being in San Diego and not having anything you want to do there...may I recommend SeaWorld San Diego? It's a great park, real entertaining. Same said with the world famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park.

I don't blame you. I find San Diego is a bit on the boring side. I would go to Knott's. GhostRider is running a little rough, but pretty good right now. :)
thanks Goliath for actually answering the question! Your input is very appreciated! Rough riding coasters don't bother me, in fact, if it isn't painful I think it adds to the out of control feeling a wood coaster should provide. As long as the layout isn't boring ala mean streak, and a lil rough I don't mind.

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You'll like GhostRider then. It's a great ride, made for the backseat. Knott's actually has a nice collection of coasters, with some good rides thrown in and pretty nice atmosphere. It's at least an hour closer to you than SFMM, although SFMM have more coasters. It's not really a fun drive from SFMM-San Diego either if LA driving makes you nervous. All things to consider!

Wow I'm up way too late.

You should know that Knott's is also currently building, and the construction may close rides/attractions near the site of Pony Express. Even though X2 is closed, most everything else is open. Forecast calls for rain this weekend possibly, so that's something to consider (traffic impact is a major consideration during the rain.)

If your'e a coaster fan, then SFMM is the way to go. Plenty of options there, especially if you like inversions, height and variety.

The drive to SFMM is going to be near the 3 hr mark - leave San Diego as early as possible.

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Knott's is worth the drive, but as Mamoosh mentioned traffic has the potential to be brutal. Six lane highways become parking lots. Beware.

The drive was easy for me, but that was on a Tuesday.

If it were me, I would stay in San Diego and visit Sea World or the zoo. If you have a coaster itch go to Belmont Park and ride the Giant Dipper. Or if you haven't yet, go to Torrey Pines state park! I love San Diego.

xX eNeRtIa Xx said:
why would I want to go there? LOL

Three credits in Tijuana - not to mention plentiful cheap beer.

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Umm, how about Disneyland?

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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Or Legoland?

If you have a super-serious itch that can't wait a few more weeks when parks in Ohio and surrounding area begin to open and are jonesing for quantity and variety then by all means drive to SFMM.

Since you obviously have an internet connection while in San Diego I'll even help you with a handy website that gives real-time traffic in the LA area:

If you find that traffic along the I-5 corridor, especially thur Orange County and downtown LA, there are plenty of detours in the LA area and even from San Diego itself (via I-15). Make sure you have a good road atlas.

Two radio stations offer traffic every 5-10 mins: AM 980 and 1070.

If your itch is only moderate and you just need a good scratch cut your drive in about half and opt for Knotts. The only drawback is that with Knotts you're pretty much stuck with the I-5.

My previous advise still stands: I'd enjoy what San Diego has to offer (coasters, old town, micro-brews, scenic drives, Coronado, etc) and wait until your local parks open...especially with gas in So Cal in the $3.79-$3.99 range.

Either way, good luck scratchin' that itch.

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Although traffic is always an issue, weekend traffic is usually MUCH better than weekday traffic. True that one fender bender can screw up the whole interstate, it simply isn't a big enough concern to deny yourself of something you want to do. If you are an Ohio coaster enthusiast in SoCal with a day to yourself, Knott's is a no-brainer.

If I found myself in any city not my own, with free time, a car, and some open coasters, I'd make the long drive to scratch the itch.

Do find the time to hit up the Belmont Giant Dipper while in SD. It's just a few minutes from downtown, and that's the only thing there worth doing, so it doesn't take too long. I sometimes took my lunch hour there when I was in SD on business.

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Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

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