Is Wildwood the future home for the NRCM?

And by NRCM, I mean the long-considered but still-phantom National Roller Coaster Museum that ACE has been trying to help get off the ground for the better part of a decade... possibly longer.

Apparantly those people that attended Morey's recent Coastin' By The Ocean event were invited to an auction where the proceeds were given to the NRCM project. In addition, it was mentioned that Morey's is willing to give a building on Hunt's Pier to serve as the location for the museum, and possibly find a way to get the SBNO Golden Nugget integrated into the whole thing, presumably as an operational ride since the Nugget's building could never house any kind of museum because of the way it was built. Perhaps Morey's is looking at the building that once housed the Escape From Dinosaur Beach darkride that Sally built?

Does anyone know anything about this, or is this as top-secret as the renderings that were shown of the new coaster on Morey's Pier?

I hope its in Wildwood.
And way not post the pictures of the submitted coaster designs.
Did everyone sign non-discloser forums ?
whats the big deal ?

Here is info from today:

New Wood Coaster in the Works for Morey's Piers (Enthusiasts Offer Suggestions at Focus Group)

During Morey's Piers' "Coastin by the Ocean" event, Morey's invited attendees to participate in a special focus group at the Wildwood Convention Center to get feedback on a new wooden roller coaster that is in the planning stages for a future install. Angel Daniels of Morey's Piers reports that they were very pleased with the feedback received and are taking the suggestions very seriously. Here is a brief bullet point synopsis of those plans. Keep a look out for the first issue of our newsletter for much more information.

- The proposed coaster will be a classic wood coaster that will span between two amusement piers- Morey's Surfside Pier and the former Hunt's Pier

- Morey's has reached out to GCI and Premier for proposals and designs that will be reviewed by Morey's before an official decision is made

- The coaster will potentially be painted white like the traditional woodies of yesteryear

- Tracer lights were a popular suggestion among coaster enthusiasts

- Many key elements that should be incorporated into the design were discussed like the need for airtime, tunnels, types of restraints and an optimum station design

- On-board music was a proposal by Morey's but it was suggested that music may not work on a wood coaster due to noise and train design especially if the designer is GCI

- Traditional metal wheels were preferred over polyurethane found on El Toro , etc.

- Suggested names were Riptide and Pier Pressure

As far as we know, there is no set timetable for the opening of this coaster although we would not expect it to happen before 2009. Of course, stay tuned for any news on this exciting new coaster as it develops.

Wildwood would be a great location for the museum, especially if it incoporates an actual working coaster like the Golden Nugget. With the recently-opened Doo Wop Museum, Wildwood could fast become Nostalgia U.S.A.!
That sounds like a terrible business plan. Are they trying to attract a meth lab convention? ;)
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I think New Jersey is the worst possible place for such an attraction. I don't care what the locals say, it doesn't exactly scream family destination.

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And how much time have you spent in NJ to form that opinion? And you're right, who cares what the locals- the people that know the most about the state- have to say? Surely they don't know more than you. (somewhat surprised that I'm actually responding to your attempt to troll your own website)

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You're underestimating the popularity of the shore. Tourism is New Jersey's second largest industry, and I'm pretty sure they aren't all just sticking quarters into Trump's one armed bandits.

Although from a purely historical standpoint, the museum belongs at Coney Island.

^^^ Wildwood not a family place? Have you ever been there?? Family business is the core of what is in the town. Families from the area renting beach houses and condos for outrageous sums and then blowing $$ by the fistful on the boardwalk.

I am not a local, just some guy who has taken his family there. The museum may or may not end up there but the family friendliness of Wildwood will not be a factor.

I'm probably a little biased but people that think NJ is a collection of factories and has no appeal to tourists are a bunch of misguided idiots. Yeah, the five miles that surround Newark Airport are really representative of everything that the state has to offer.

You're right, Joe- the museum does really belong at Coney Island, but the Jersey shore was no slouch when it came to amusements are roller coasters. And since Wildwood is a extremely popular vacation destination that is less than a day's drive from a significant portion of the country's population leads me to think it's an excellent idea, especially if the land is being GIVEN to the museum.

^ You're absolutely right. Don't get too worked up over it. Like I said, this is just a case of the site's webmaster looking to irritate people for some strange reason. I guess it's good business sense to try to belittle people that you ultimately want to join your internet clubhouse.

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Shouldn't the meth lab convention be held at Conneaut Lake? ;)
It's getting moved since the outlook on Conenaut ain't so doggone good right about now.
Wildwood is absolutely packed to the hilt with tourists. Jeff, I had no idea either until I drove up and was STUNNED. It'd be a FANTASTIC place for the museum.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
Read this document if anyone here is interested in chiming in with actual, factual statements regarding tourism in the state of New Jersey instead of groundless, moronic claims that attempt to support long-dead NJ stereotypes. The days are over when someone can appear witty and insightful by saying something negative about NJ.

People don't live next to landfills, mutant animals don't roam our forests, no one asks what exit we live at and no one says "joisey".

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I lived at exit 34 on Rt 80 west in northwestern New Joisey but I often made treks to the Pine Barrens to search for the mutant goat boy otherwise known as the Joisey Devil, but all my trash was shipped to Ohio. Eventually, they shipped me there as well.
That's because our landfills have no room for your trash- it doesn't meet their standards. And then there's the whole issue of you...
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Like I said, this is just a case of the site's webmaster looking to irritate people for some strange reason.

I'm pretty sure it's part of that big conspiracy where everyone who disagrees with Dexter is being paid to post controversial stuff to run up page views and increase site revenue...

...but I have no proof at this point.

I thought that's what was rumored about the people that debate with me at one point? Now Dexter is involved too? Who's Dexter? How di I get in touch with this poor soul? ;)
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Every time you guys jump on me, the only thing you can do is say I'm a hater or whatever. On topics like this, you refuse to ever consider the business proposition for anything, presumably because you refuse to believe that business can go hand in hand with the very causes you like to talk about. You can't shout "troll" every time someone disagrees with you. If it bothers you that much, stop posting.

Of course New Jersey has tourist traffic, it's located in one of the biggest metro areas in the world! And yes, I've been there. It's the getting in and out of its "good" parts that make it exactly the kind of place I don't want to go back to. People in the Midwest aren't exactly thinking, "Let's go on vacation to New Jersey!" Not that I've surveyed the entire region, but a quick nod around the aisle here at work, I'm the only person who has even been in the state.

For a tourist attraction as small as something like this museum, it needs to be in a place that it has a fighting chance in terms of what it has to compete with, and how much time it can spend open. Are people hanging out on the Jersey shore in January? If so, are they insane?

Getting someone to donate space is a good plan, but unless they're going to also fund the operation of it, ACE will be pissing away whatever money they've raised so far.

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Rob Ascough said:
I'm probably a little biased but people that think NJ is a collection of factories and has no appeal to tourists are a bunch of misguided idiots.
Perhaps the misguided idiots are the people unsuccessfully marketing the state.

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On a side note, who's been to the ACE warehouse in Plainview, TX at the Larson Mfg. plant? Is it open to ACE members anytime or only during certain times of the year when Texas coaster events happen?

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

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