Is Tweety giving "The Bird" at Six Flags? You decide..

Can't wait for that "lawsuit" to be filed

A mom sounding off after seeing the picture her children took with Tweety at Six Flags in San Antonio. She’s not happy about it.
"I took my daughters to Six Flags in San Antonio. They took a picture with Tweety Bird and Tweety Bird is making an obscene hand gesture,”

Of course she wants the park to reimburse her :-o

Six Flags response is as clear as it gets
"“The character only has four fingers, therefore it is impossible for the character to do that. The character was pointing not ‘giving the middle finger.’ I am very sorry that the photo looks like he is ‘giving the middle finger’ but in reality there is no way he can,”

The picture in question can be found here..

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I was more entertained by the User comments on the article - sad state of journalism nowadays.

It is hard to give the middle finger when you only have four of them.

That's nothing...I still think the worst Theme park mistake to this day was done by Cedar Point.

When they installed the Frog Hopper in front of the Gemini, it had the center of the seats painted red for it's tongue. So when kids rode it, the thing looked like it's tongue was right in their...

My wife and I said something...I'm sure other people did to. Since then, they have changed it. But one of my first girls Cedar Point pictures is of that!

...and no we didn't try to get a lawsuit against the park ;)

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Hehe. I assume this is what it used to look like?

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While we are on the topic of borderline inappropriate rides-

I'm sheriff of this here rollercoaster.

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This has quickly become one of the most entertaining threads I've read in a while.

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DejaVuNitro, that coaster should have been a woodie. lol

Here is one that stands out in my mind. I'm sure most of you have seen it before...

^ May be no fear of Chris Hansen but what about fear of Gonch?

So, the squirrel is just holding his nuts.... :-)

1. The character is attempting to point at the kid next to him.
2. Do we need to resurrect Johnny Cochran to explain about gloves fitting and extrapolate that to how human hands don't fit character hands in amusement parks?
3. Even if the bird is flipping you off lady, are you that whacky to take that as a personal insult from the entire corporation directed towards you personally? The entire staff was waiting for the day you decided to go to the park so they could make an obscene gesture at you and capture it on film.

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Obviously Tweety knew the kind of people he was dealing with and was doing the best he could to give them the finger.

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It's kind of obvious. The upper finger isn't flexed. It's just an optical illusion.

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This thread definitely gave me a laugh or two this morning. :)


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