Is this true?

Its kind of interesting, if its true (consider the source).

I used to live in Florida and I never heard of this park or this rumor.

Let me know what you think, Most of the good reading is in the "History Section" and the "Ride Listing"


The park exisited and the fires happened. Dont know about the other stuff though.
Oooh, spooky. That's so weird. Amazing that more people haven't heard of this. You'd think that would be a strangely popular draw. Like Weird U.S.A. style.

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With all the accdients, no wonder the park's defunct.

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5,000 acres? Typo?
Probably not so much the number of accidents, but the sheer volume of accidents within an eight day span. Creepy.

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5000 acres is almost 8 square miles. That and the fact that I can find nothing about this place other then the park was there but with no specifics at all, really makes me doubt its veracity.

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Does anyone know a specific location for this park? I attend college in Daytona, but I've never heard of it.

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"...just off Interstate 95 between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach near Bunnell in Flagler County, Florida."

However considering the park ceased to exist in 1978 (according to the Wiki article) I'd bet the land parcel of land has since been developed and one would never know a park existed.

I checked a map for Bunnel, Florida to see if perhaps there were any street names that might be a giveaway to the location but found nothing. I did find a Marco Polo Chinese Food nearby on Kings Way :)

I just did a Google Earth search, and found a Marco Polo Blvd that crosses I-95 in Bunnell. So my guess is it was right there.


I know that this park existed. I remember driving on I-95 on the way to Disney and seeing some signage as well as the log flume from the highway.

However, I question the reports of the multiple fatal crashes at the park. There are other fatal theme park accidents from the 70s (such as sky ride from 6 Flags St. Louis) that are thoroughly documented. I didn't check all of the references to the article, but if these terrible things had happened, I would think that we would already know about them.

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^^ So much for Yahoo Maps, lol :)

Do you happen to remember when driving on I 95 was the park on the East or West side of I 95?

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Do you happen to remember when driving on I 95 was the park on the East or West side of I 95?
My recollection is that it was on the west side of 95. My family was driving south and it was on the right side of the highway.

Also, I have a book, The Great American Amusement Parks, by Gary Kyriazi, published in 1978 that mentions Marco Polo Park and includes a photo of their Giant Wheel.

Our family visited Marco Polo Park in the early 70's. What I remember most was the number of trees in the park. There was lots of huge pines and oaks and plenty of shade.

I also remember them having a Caterpillar ride, a Rotor and a Crazy 8.

And yes, I rode those Gondolas the Flume and the Giant Wheel. It was really a pretty park. I have a few postcards.

I had never heard of these deaths and I wonder if this is really true. I mean, this is Wiki....


Taking all the info given here, and using Google Earth this is what we have...

The north west corner of the the intersection of Marco Polo Blvd @ I-95 has some open land, a small business, some apartments and what looks like an upscale trailer park.

On the south west corner is some open land and what looks like a tennis club with a pool and a bunch of retention ponds that border I-95. To the west of the tennis club is an apartment complex, some neighborhoods and a golf course.

So unless the people in the apartments, trailers, neighborhoods or golf carts are hearing noises I guess haunted part of this story is all bunk.


I guess anything is possible!


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I remember hearing about this park - the 'death ride' writing descriptions on the wiki description are suspicious, especially the log flume - have there EVER been log flume boats derailing or dechuting from their troughs on any other occassion? I've never heard of such a nearly impossible accident, despite that there are no upstop wheels to prevent such an occurance if a fixed object became wedged into the track on the drop or splash run (a highly unlikely scenario that could possibly only be accomplished through sabatoge)

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There have DEFINITELY been flume accidents. Have heard of at least three parks with them, although I've never before heard of deaths on them. They DO happen though. I don't know if this is considered one, but does anyone remember the Tidal Force at Hershey flying off and injuring people? It didn't happen too long ago.

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Bunky - Tidal Force is not a log flume and it didn't "fly off." A boat failed to brake at the bottom of its run and crashed into a guardrail. Six people were sent to a hospital as a precaution. They were treated and released.

Rye - I agree with you. The description of the flume accident has urban legend written all over it.

I googled "marco polo park" (just as is, quotes and all) and found a few items. A few postcards on ebay, and a photo of the cable cars. A site called "Anita Answer" answered a question about the park and mentions the park was done in by the fires, but says nothing about any accidents or fatalities.

Maybe it was just nasty rumors by Disney people, er cast members, to scare people out of going there. :)

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