Is this offer legitimate for Waldameer?

I found this coupon and have never seen this site before.

Just wanted to check if it is for real. I do not want to be one of those people who buys 16 fake tickets and show up at the gate with them. The site seems to be Ohio centric, so maybe Ohio residents are familiar with this.

Also, if they are for real. Please enjoy if you plan on going to Waldameer this summer.

That's a great deal. I'm quite interested in learning if those are for real, since I'll be at Waldameer tomorrow and could really take advantage of a discount like that. Anybody know anything about it?

Nice find, Bill2.

My author website:

The email address is to a newspaper in Warren, Ohio, it'd be easy enough to call them on the land line and verify.

Better yet, call Waldameer is find out.

I seem to recall from last year if you want rides only and no waterpark it's pretty cheap anyway.

I tried Waldameer earlier. The person I talked to was not sure since they have many promotions out there and they did not have list in front of them.

I will try to call the newspaper though. I did not see that in there at first glance. I just hope I do not get a highschool kid on the other side who claims he is from the paper, but is running a scam.

Also, this is good for me, since I like both waterpark and rides. Rides only is still $20.45. So this is still a good deal even if you do not do the waterpark.

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The circle C at the bottom of the page says Ogden, which is a large newspaper publisher. Looks legit to me.

Great deal!

Just because something looks like it's from a legitimate organization doesn't necessarily mean that it is. There's nothing preventing Joe Criminal from sticking the name of a well-known entity on his website or email to make his scam seem legitimate. The other posters are right... you should always contact the organization through an established line of communication if you're unsure about the legitimacy of something, especially on the internet.

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True. Perhaps my reply was was too hasty.

But it's probably that it's legit, imho.

The registrant of a domain can add any text they want for their WHOIS lookup. While chances are that this site is legitimate, this is yet another component that you really can't trust when it comes to verifying the authenticity of a website.

Update here. I got my e-mail back from them:

Looks like they are not on demand print. I will be calling to see were I can pick them up if chosen or what other arrangements are possible.

Tried a copy paste of my e-mail, but did not show up in the post.

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Another update.

I just talked to Chris from Classythecow few moments ago. She was actually browsing this thread and we talked a little about that. I have faith now that this is legit and will be purchasing around 16 tickets in the upcoming week for my Labor Day trip. I need to get a final count and get with Paypal again.

Also, she asked me to pas along that they will be having a simliar deal for Kennywood next week. This is half off gate admission (whcih is currently $33.99, thus just under $17.00). This is the best deal I have seen yet for Kennywood. The best prior to this was $23.00 at Giant Eagle. Once these are up, I will create a post for that, since everyone who is visiting KP may not be following this thread.

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Thanks Bill, now if they would just have something for Hershey & Knoebels that would be great. I would say Lakemont, but they are already quite cheap.

Never know if they will. I was surprised to find out that she was reading this thread when I called and referenced it.

Also, image that. A non-coaster enthusiast is reading Coasterbuzz. Must be all those people who hate Jeff and what he does with his site. :) end of sarcasm. I should have asked her though what brought her to Coasterbuzz. Oh well, when she e-mails me the next time I will ask. She is going to tell me when the KP deal is up so I can spread the word.

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Thanks for the support Bill

My name is Tony Simeone, i'm the WebMaster for ClassyTheCow. I would like to let you folks know that we are currently sold out of the Waldameer tickets. There is a chance that we might be getting more in for this season but we are unsure at this time.

We have the Kennywood tickets on sale starting TODAY at an awesome discount, so check out our website.

Also, for those that have mentioned Hershey & Knoebels, we will try to work something out for that, if not for this season, keep your eyes pealed for next season.

I hope everyone is enjoying them selves this summer and that our deals can help! If anyone has any suggestions for our site or would like to see anything different in the future please visit the contact area and send us an e-mail.

Tony Simeone

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Thanks Tony, & welcome.

I just ordered Kennywood tickets. Great price at $16.50 each.

Tony, no problem. I think I may have screwed myself though on my tickets by advertising. Oh well, its all good. I hope you get some more. I was traveling for my job and could not get the time to transfer the money to paypal to buy my tickets the past few days. I am sending you a PM though on some questions.

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Just an FYI - I just checked out the website and noticed that the 16.50 tickets are good at Idlewild and Sandcastle as well as Kennywood.

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