Is the torch being passed from CP to KI?

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mmm...given the lead time involved in designing and building rides, I doubt there was any intra-park competition involved.

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At least they gave CP 1 day. They could have put the piece on the day before MF opened.

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Agreed. Thereis no and never have been "coaster wars". Parks add what they have determined, based on analysis and research, will best serve each parks needs.

Of course, they're perfectly willing to promote the "biggest / longest / tallest " coaster that they're introducing in any given year. But that's PR, not intra-park competition.

Yeah, I think that some coaster enthusiasts need to get out more and talk to people outside of coaster circles more. They should realize that an amusement park 3,000 miles away from a park has no effect on the business strategy of that park. The vast majority of the customer base for most parks outside of the Disney and Universal juggernauts live within an hour of that park. The remaining base live within 2-3 hours, and the crazies like us that travel across the country for them are such a microscopicly small speck that we're not even worth worrying about. They're not going to spend millions a year to go after the several thousands of dollar of revenue that we might bring in. So you can work under the assumption that your revenue base doesn't really even even that parks that far away even exist or matter.For that matter, a lot of enthusiasts themselves don't even really travel. A lot of people love coasters, and some of them even talk online about them and know the terminology. They'll support their home parks, but its rare to find the enthusiast who travel. We exist, but we're just really high in number.

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The best answer to the question is, there is no torch to be passed.

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